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Food Industry (Beverage Industry)

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The main goal of Technofilter LLC in the food industry is to create filtration systems to improve the quality of beverages and provide technical and service assistance to customers. Filters produced by Technofilter are in safe operation at production facilities of well-known wines, alcoholic beverages, mineral waters, juices.

Fields of application


  • cold sterilization (biological filtration) before bottling
  • polishing filtration of wines before bottling
  • fine clarifying filtration of wines during hot filling and pasteurization
  • prefiltration
  • preparation of service media
  • checking the integrity of membrane filters by means of automatic testers TechnoCheck series
  • SDI

Beer, kvass, beer, non-alcoholic beverages

  • prefiltration
  • trap filtration of beer (fine filtration after kieselguhr)
  • trap-filtration of kvass
  • fine and sterilizing filtration (for cold sterile bottling) of beer and beverages
  • sterilizing filtration of process air, carbon dioxide
  • fine cleaning of process steam
  • water treatment (sterilizing filtration, preliminary filtration)

Vodka and LVI

  • coal treatment
  • filtration before bottling
  • preparation of ingredients
  • clarification and stabilization of alcoholic beverages
  • preparation of alcohol and water for vodka sortings
  • natural modifiers of taste and odor


  • polishing filtration before bottling
  • removal of excess amounts of metals (Ca, K, Fe, Cu, etc.) to stabilize the drink
  • enhancement of organoleptic properties

Mineral and bottled waters

  • sterilizing (microbiological) filtration of water before bottling
  • fine filtration of carbonated water before bottling
  • prefiltration
  • coarse filtration (particle filtering)
  • carbon dioxide preparation

Low-alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages

  • coupage filtration
  • filtration of sugar syrup
  • carbon dioxide filtration
  • water filtration for beverage preparation

Juices, fruit drinks, syrups, tinctures

  • prefiltration
  • fine filtration during heat bottling
  • cold sterilization

Service media

  • water, air, steam
  • removal of oils and moisture
  • particle removal
  • sterile air filtration
  • breathing filters for tanks
  • disinfection of filters and equipment
  • preparation of water for product formulation
  • aseptic treatment
  • fine steam cleaning (up to sterility)

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