Food ingredients

Technofilter RME natural flavouring is used in food industry for smoothing and developing full flavour of vodka and also for improving organoleptic properties of wines, liqueurs, brandy, whisky, rum, low-alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages. Natural flavouring enhances vodka class.

Natural flavouring is prepared on the basis of ethereal rose oil micro filtrate, rye and wheat distillate by means of membrane based processes. The final product is free from paraffin, terpene and some other trace contaminants. 

Taste and odor profile of low-alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages produced with adding of “Rose type” and “AT-60” natural flavouring becomes smooth and harmonized, alcohol tones as well as some other undesirable odors and after-tastes disappear. When used in beverages produced with sweeting agents, their after-taste removes or smoothes, and the bloom becomes more flavorful.

Organoleptic estimate of beverages produced with the use of natural flavouring and kept under controlled conditions during the storage life has shown organaleptically meaningful development of harmonized taste and odor and their stability during the full storage period.