Polishing (control) filtration before bottling

Polishing (control) filtration before bottling

Polishing (finishing or control) filtration just before bottling with the use of modern filtration plants and filter cartridges of NPP Technofilter gives a stable high-quality product corresponding to the highest requirements. Nowadays NPP Technofilter filtration systems are operated in hundreds of enterprises in Russia and abroad. Among them are both large factories producing world-famous brands and small enterprises.

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Features and applications
Recommendations for filter cartridges
Complete filtration systems

Features and applications

Today, most distilleries use a two-stage filtration scheme based on cartridge micro filters for polishing filtration of vodka before filling machine.

The combination of "pre-filter - final filter" increases the reliability of the technological process, ensures a high resource and economy of the entire system. See more details

Recommendations for filter cartridges

NPP Technofilter offers several variants of micro filter cartridges from high-tech materials.

Filter cartridges and equipment for polishing (control) filtration of vodka

Option «Optimum» «Premium» «Elite»


Perfectly suited for economic filtration of any classes of vodka

 Vodkas of the premium class, export vodkas

Super-premium vodkas, export vodkas, brand name vodkas


EPVg.P-500 (5 μm)

EPVg.P-500 (5 μm)

EPV.S (STs)-300/100 (1 μm)

Final filter

EPV.S (STs)-300/100 (1 μm)

EPV.S-050 (0.5 μm)

EPM.K-080 (0.8 μm) membrane

* the system is selected depending on designation of the beverage

Option “Optimum” based on high-efficiency pleated depth filters made of polypropylene, glass fibre and cellulose features a low price, increased throughput without regenerations and a high microparticle (1 μm) retention efficiency (99.5%) due to good adsorptive properties of the glass microfibre. The filter elements offer excellent wettability and inertness towards alcohols, are operated at a low differential pressure, ensure good transparency and shine.

Option “Premium” based on high-efficiency pleated depth filters made of polypropylene and glass fibre feature an increased microparticle (0.5 to 0.9 μm) retention efficiency (99 to 99.9%) due to exceptionally high porosity of polypropylene and glass microfibre and a large throughput (before regenerations). The filter elements made of 100% chemically stable polypropylene (EPVg.P) and glass microfibre (EPV.SC) are excellently wetted with water, vodka and other beverages, are neutral to alcohol-containing liquids, have a large surface area are be operated at a low differential pressures. The stable matrix of the filters precludes shedding and ensures stability of the filters to pressure drops and multiple regenerations.

Option “Elite” based on a high-efficiency pleated glass fibre depth filter (EPV.SC) and an intrinsically hydrophilic membrane made of nylon (EPM.K) offers 0.8 μm microparticle retention efficiency of 99.98%. The surface mechanism of particle retention which is typical of membrane filter cartridges fully precludes penetration of retained particles into the filtrate (migration of medium as a result of hydraulic impacts). High-selectivity membrane filters impart a special shine to vodka and significantly improve transparency and filling stability characteristics. This option is especially suitable for vodkas produced using Silver Filtration technology, because the concentration of fine carbon dust is by one order of magnitude smaller compared to vodkas produced using carbon columns.


Brief specification of NPP Technofilter filter cartridges used at the pre-filtration and final stages of filtration of vodka and others alcohol beverages.

Brand Filter media Retention efficiency, μm  Properties Brief description


100% chemically stable polypropylene (pH 1-14)



Stable rigid matrix, high retention efficiency, repeatedly regenerated, operating temperature up to 90 ° С. Used for pre-filtration and final filtration.


Glass microfibre

0,5; 0.8; 1.0; 3.0


The stable matrix, high porosity, increased adsorptive capacity with respect to microparticles, and exceptional hydrophilicity make it possible to carry out filtration even by the force of gravity. The maximum throughput rate and a low differential pressure ensure economic filtration. Operating temperature: up to 80°C. Can be used as a final filter.



0.45; 0.65; 0.8; 1.0; 1.2; 3.0


Broad chemical compatibility (pH 3 to 14), increased alkali stability, extended service life as a result of increased surface area (to 0.85 m2/250 mm), complete retention of microparticles, whose size exceeds the selected pore size, ensures excellent stable product quality. Used only as a final filter in combination with an effective pre-filter having high dirt-holding capacity. 

All NPP Technofilter filter cartridges are produced according to certified Quality Management System in compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Complete filtration systems

On the customer’s request, filtration systems with manual and automatic control of UPF.R and UPF.A series are designed on the basis of multicartridge filter holders. They are designed for various flow rates (from 0.5 to 16,0 m3/h and more). NPP Technofilter designs, produces and completes customer-oriented systems including all necessary measurement equipment and automatic control units according to customer’s request.

Filtration systems are compact, mobile, easy to operate. It is possible to install them permanently in place, i.e. locally as well as on a frame or a trolley. Systems consist of several filtration units and are fully equipped (pump unit, measuring and shut-off valves, pipelines, etc.) and ready for operation

"Absolute-quality" system with automatic control

установки финишной фильтрации перед розливом (УПФ.А) с автоматическим управлением серии «Абсолют-качество»

Filtration system s for final filtration before filling (UPF.A) with automatic control of the "Absolute-quality" series

Two-stage filtration scheme is the basis of the standard system. The first stage filter cartridge removes the main contaminants; the final filter cartridge provides the required quality of the filtrate.

Filtration systems differ by a complete set (a set of options) and the degree of automation - it all depends on the filtered beverage and the individual Customer’s requirements.


  • Stable high quality of the drink 
  • Optimum set of options, compactness 
  • Long service life of filter cartridges 
  • On-line monitoring of all filtering parameters 
  • Reliable Accessories 


  • Automatic control unit ensures matching of the filtration system to any of the filling lines (with mechanical, solenoid or pneumatic valve).
  • Touch switchboard enables online control of all filtration parameters.
  • Automatic equipment ensures best performance conditions for the filter cartridges (smooth start and elimination of hydraulic shocks is ensured).
  • Automatic control of differential pressure at each filtration step precludes the possibility of cartridge destruction in the process of its contamination.
  • Application of automatic equipment allows using a more powerful pump which ensures cycling of the complete resource of the filter cartridges.
  • The filtration system enables to wash filter cartridges from microfluff in closed loop.

UPF.A filtration systems can be produced with the function of pulse regeneration of filter cartridges in a fully automatic mode.

Complete system

UPF.A is mounted on a frame and consists of:

  • pump unit ; 
  •  filtration unit (two single stainless steel filter holders 12Х18Н10Т); 
  •  piping;
  • damping tank; 
  • electrical equipment (pressure sensors, control panel with touch screen, solenoid valve)

Technical specification of UPF.A standard filtration systems

Type UPF.A 2 (5х750/5х750)-3 UPF.A2 (8х750/8х750)-6

Nominal capacity (m3/h)



Number of filtration stages (pcs)



Supply voltage (V/electrical power (kWt)

3 х 380/1,5


Motor type



Dimensions (mm), not more than



Weight (kg), not more than



Number of filter cartridges (pcs) /adapter type (mm)



Filter cartridge height (mm)



“Absolute- quality” systems make filtration process totally visible, secure and efficient for the whole business. The customer is enabled to fully control the filtration process and to be sure of the end- product quality.