Filtration systems for winemaking

Filtration systems for winemaking
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Complete filtration systems

Complete filtration systems

Filter holders for liquid media

Technofilter provides a series of filter holders made of stainless steel 12H18N10T of the DS-5 and DS-8.

Distinctive features

  • High quality polishing of external and internal surfaces.
  • Availability of internal areas for inspection and washing.
  • The absence of hidden and hard-to-reach areas due to an additional lightweight separator.
  • Absence of stagnant zones.
  • Full depletion of liquid through drain valves.
  • Increased accuracy and cleanliness of the mounting holes for the adapters and surfaces under the sealing elements ensures a high tightness of interfaces between media interfaces (source medium / filtrate / external medium).
  • Simplified installation at point of use due to the hinged connection of the nozzles to the base. It is equipped with pressure gauges for monitoring hydraulic resistance.

Filtration systems 

On the customer’s request, filtration systems with manual and automatic control UPF.R and UPF.A series are designed on the basis of multicartridge filter holders. They are designed for various flow rates (from 0.5 to 12,0 m3 / h and more). NPP Technofilter designs, produces and completes customer-oriented systems including all necessary measurement equipment and automatic control units according to customer’s request.

Filtration systems are compact, mobile, easy to operate. It is possible to install them permanently in place, i.e. locally as well as on a frame or a trolley. Systems consist of several filtration units and are fully equipped (pump unit, measuring and shut-off valves, pipelines, etc.) and ready for operation.

Automatic device TECHNOCHECK™ mini for rapid integrity tests of membrane filter cartridges and systems used in the production of beverages

Other solutions for wine
Pre-filtration of wine