Sorption filter elements

Technofilter produces a very wide range of sorption filter cartridges for various applications. Sorption filter elements are designed for sorption micropurification of liquid and gas media compatible with cartridge material. Filtration process takes place in the depth of the filter material by the means of adsorption mechanisms combined with mechanical retention.

Features and Advantages



Filter cartridges with a wider range of sorption filter medias

  • Solution for unusual filtration tasks.
  • Possibility to control organoleptic product properties.
  • High sorption flow rate ensures long lifetime at minimal costs.

Compact, strong, closed module systems, ready-to-use

  • Cost saving and efficient.
  • Easy to use and hygienic operation.
  • Minimal losses of the filtered matter.
  • It is possible to use them as a replacement for bulk filters.


  • Produced in compliance with the Quality Management System (9000 series ISO).