Membrane-based filter elements

Back in the 80s of the last century, specialists of our company were the first in Russia who developed the technology of production cartridge filter elements based on polymeric microfiltration membranes. Techofilter RME, LLC is one of the leading manufacturers of membrane filter cartridges in Russia and the CIS thanks to its more than 30 years of experience in the field of development and production of membrane-based filter cartridges.

Nowdays Technofilter manufactures a full range of membrane-based filter elements on the base of nylon (polyamide (PA), polyethersulfone (PES), polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), hydrophilized fluoroplastic (PVDF), polypropylene (PP), polyethylene terephthalate (lavsan).

A wide range of membrane-based filter elements gives an opportunity to solve any task for production of clarified and sterile liquids in a wide range of pH (1-14) and gases.


Membrane-based filter elements are intended for industrial filtration at pre-filtration stages (removal of biological load), clarification, maintenance and sterilization.

Membrane-based filter elements with a pore size of 0.1 to 3 μm, are pleated cartridges with a large surface area (up to 1 m2 per cartridge 10"), which ensure absolute retention of particles in the area of the specified pore size. Unlike depth filter cartridges, particle retention occurs predominantly on the surface of the membrane.

Due to the stable pore structure, membrane filter cartridges are used primarily as finishing (sterilizing) filters, which can be checked for integrity with the help of special devices.

Features and Advantages of Technofilter RME membrane filtration

Properties of membrane-based elements Benefits for customer
Compactness Convenience in operation (ease of installation)
Large surface area (pleated) The possibility of using high flow rates at low pressure.
High strength Reliable preservation of the integrity of the filter under harsh operating conditions, withstand repeated sterilization by autoclaving.
Can be integrity tested
Microbiological reliability, guarantee of the integrity and efficient operation.
Non-toxic Tested and certified for use in medical and food industries.


Technofilter membrane-based filter elements are precision patented products manufactured according to strict regulatory and technical documents for product quality.

Some types of membrane-based filters cartridges are made from a membrane fabric of our own production, which allows controlling the quality of the product at all stages of the production cycle.

All EPM are subjected to washing-out from organic and mechanical impurities with highly purified water and are subjected to 100% integrity control using the most modern devices.

Filter elements are produced under clean room conditions (Class C and D according to the classification of clean rooms in the pharmaceutical industry) in compliance with GMP regulations.

Membrane-based filter elements are tested for bacterial and toxicological safety. Each filter element is assigned with an individual number and batch number. These data are specified on a product, on a label, in an individual Factory certificate and in the informational database of the enterprise.

All materials used in the production of filters have been tested for biological safety, have a minimum amount of extracted components and are allowed to contact with intravenous drugs and food products.

Membrane-based filter elements (EPM) are repeatedly sterilized by chemical reagents, gamma irradiation, autoclaving, steam in line and have certificates of compliance with safety requirements for polymeric products used in medicine, as well as sanitary and epidemiological conclusions permitting their use in the food industry.

The quality management system applied to the production of microfiltration membranes and filter cartridges is certified.