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Our mission

We strive to provide high-quality filtration for a wide range of industries by developing and implementing innovative filtration technologies and products to ensure the purity of liquid and gaseous media, thereby contributing to improve the quality of our customer's products.

Our company

Founded more than 20 years ago  Russian Company "Technofilter" is a research center and a manufacturing enterprise. 

Our specialization 

  Technofilter specializes in developing, manufacturing and supplying polymer microfiltration membranes, filter cartridges, equipment and technologies for industrial microfiltration of liquids and gases. Nowadays the company occupies one of the leading positions in this field on the Russian market.  Filtration is an indispensable manufacturing process of our customers, intended to improve product quality and ensure purity of process fluids.  

We make drinks tasty, medicines safe, water clean.


Our Сostumers

Our Customers - hundreds of enterprises in biopharmaceutical, medical, food, chemical, electronic, defense and other industries, and this range expands constantly.

Our technologies

Our technologies are products that we develop, produce, supply and service in accordance with domestic and international standards, guided by the needs and expectations of our customers.

Our goal

The main goal of the Company is to produce products of stable quality, fully satisfying the comprehensive requirements of customers, through timely deliveries at competitive prices.



 High quality of manufactured products is the basis of vital activity and dynamic development of our enterprise in modern conditions and is provided by:

  • long-term specialization in the field of production;
  • availability of necessary production capacities;
  • close connection with customers, understanding and consideration of their requirements;
  • high qualification of the staff;
  • availability of service at the enterprise that provides quality control and analysis of products;
  • progressiveness and innovation of the developed technologies, confirmed by 20 patents of the Russian Federation.

Company "Technofilter" is a concern for customers, professionalism, reliability, responsibility, high quality of products and services. 





Our mission

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