Stabilization of cognac drinks

NPP Technofilter manufactures filter cartridges and equipment for polishing filtration and stabilization of cognacs beverages.

Filter cartridges EPSF.T containing ion-exchanging resins are intended for removal of excess amounts of metal cations Ca2+, K+, Fe2+, Cu2+ etc., which lead to the formation of opacities and reduce the level of bottling stability.

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Features and applications
Complete filtration systems

Features and applications

Filter cartridge is based on a special cation-exchange resin. The material is characterized by high capacity, increased radiation, thermal and chemical resistance. Sorbent is insoluble in water and solutions of hydrochloric and nitric acids, it can be used in aqueous-organic media, including alcohols and ethers, and also strong oxidants and reducing agents.

The EPSF.T filter cartridge is a "mini-column" filled with cation-exchange resin.

Benefits of EPSF.T:

  • sealed at the ends by polypropylene melt
  • 250, 500, 750, 1000 mm height is available
  • adapted to any type of filter housings
  • recommended filtration rate is 20-40 l/h per cartridge 250 mm height
  • service life depends on the initial metal concentration and pH of the medium

All Technofilter filter cartridges are manufactured in accordance with the certified Quality Management System GOST R ISO 9001: 2015.

Filtration systems of USF type with a set of EPSF.T cation-exchange filter cartridges are recommended for the stabilization of cognacs and cognac drinks.

Установка УСФ.1 с комплектом фильтрующих элементов
USF.1 filtration system with a set of EPSF.T filter cartridges

Complete filtration systems

Filter holder for liquid filtration

NPP Technofilter presents a series of filter holders made of stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 316L

Distinctive features of filter housings

  • High quality polishing of external and internal surfaces.
  • Availability of internal arias for inspection and washing.
  • The absence of hidden and hard-to-reach spaces due to an additional separator.
  • Lack of dead zone.
  • Complete emptying of the liquid through drain valves.
  • High tightness of the media interfaces (initial medium / filtrate / external medium) due to the accuracy and cleanliness of machining the seet places for adapters and surfaces for sealing elements
  • Simplified on-site installation due to swiveling connection of nozzles and base. Pressure gauges to control hydraulic resistance are supplied.

Filtration systems

Filtration systems of UPF.R and UPF.A type are produced on the basis of multi-cartridge filter holders, designed for various flow rates (from 0.5 to 16.0 m3/h and more), including different types of automation.

NPP Technofilter designs, produces and supplies customer-oriented filtration systems including all necessary measurement equipment and automatic control units.

Filtration systems are compact, mobile, easy-to-operate.

Filtration systems UPF.R and UPF.A can be installed directly in place, i.e. locally, as well as on a frame or a trolley. Systems consist of several filtration units and are fully equipped (pump unit, measuring and valves, pipelines, etc.) and ready for operation.

“Absolute- quality” series filtration systems with automatic control (UPF.A)

 "Absolute-quality" filtration system (UPF.A) with automatic control is widely used at distilleries and wineries for final filtration before bottling. The standard plant is based on a 2-stage filtration scheme.

UPF.A can be equipped with a filter unit for the preparation of service media and a device for integrity test of membrane filter cartridge. 

Plants differ in the configuration (set of options) and the degree of automation - it all depends on the client's requirements.

 Advantages of “Absolute-quality” series plants:

  • Automatic control unit ensures matching of the filtration system to any of the bottling lines (with mechanical, solenoid or pneumatic valve).
  • Touch switchboard enables online control of all filtration parameters.
  • Automatic equipment ensures best performance conditions for the filter cartridges (smooth start and elimination of hydraulic shocks is ensured).
  • Automatic control of differential pressure at each filtration step precludes the possibility of cartridge destruction in the process of its contamination.
  • Application of automatic equipment allows using a more powerful pump which ensures cycling of the complete resource of the filter cartridges.
  • The filtration system enables to wash filter cartridges from microfluff in closed loop.
  • Washing of filter cartridges with highly purified water or regeneration with detergent solutions directly in the installation without using an additional pump.
  • Removal of product residues with sterile compressed air.
  • Reliable components.

“Absolute- quality” systems make filtration process totally visible, secure and efficient for the whole business. The customer is enabled to fully control the filtration process and to be sure of the end product quality.

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Stabilization of cognac drinks