Biopharmaceuticals and medicine

We produce a wide range of membranes, cartridge and capsule filter cartridges, filter housings and filtration systems for the pharmaceutical industry.

The company NPP "Technofilter" offers a wide range of membrane and other separation technologies for preliminary, clarifying and sterilizing filtration for:

  • large volumes of parenteral drugs (LVP) and small volumes of parenteral drugs (SVP);
  • protein blood preparations;
  • cultural and bacterial media;
  • blood serum;
  • ophthalmic and alcohol solutions;
  • biological fluids;
  • vitamins and galenic preparations;
  • buffer solutions;
  • water for pharmaceutical application (water for injection, washing machines, autoclaves, pyrogen-free water, filtration at points of consumption, circulating water, water for rinsing ampoules and vials).

Fields of application

  • removal of bacteria and mycoplasma;
  • removal of viruses and pyrogens from aqueous solutions, water for injection;
  • removal of lipids and colloids from biologics, protein solutions, serums;
  • decolorization of pharmaceutical solutions;
  • clarification of carbon-containing solutions;
  • clarification and sterilization of galenic preparations, extracts, etc.;
  • removal of fine particles of activated carbon;
  • sterile filtration of process air, nitrogen and other gases for feeding into the filling zone;
  • purification of steam for autoclaving and equipment sterilization;
  • sterile ventilation of tanks and fermenters - "breathing" filters;
  • protection of water treatment systems, chromatography columns.