Wine filtration is a multi-stage production process in which mechanical suspensions, turbidity, yeast sediment, gluing agents, tartar, microorganisms and other substances that affect the stability and organoleptic characteristics of the finished product are separated from the wine material.

Depending on the technological scheme, the type of wine, the method of microbiological stabilization, the productivity (capacity of the enterprise), different types of filtration are used at certain stages of wine production.

NPP "Technofilter" manufactures equipment and cartridge-type filtering elements (cartridges), which are used at all main stages of preparation of wine material, as well as for filtration of technological media (water, air, gases, steam).
Membrane filtration is widely used in secondary winemaking enterprises.

Main applications of cartridge membrane filtration in winemaking

  • Biological filtration (separation of microorganisms from pre-filtered wine) under cold sterile filling conditions. 
  • Removal of residual opalescence under "hot" filling conditions. 
  • Fine (sterilizing) filtration of flush water and detergent solutions. 
  • Sterilizing filtration of air, carbon dioxide, tank "breathing" filters. 

NPP Technofilter solutions for wine filtration: