Filter Holders

Filter holders are used for organization of liquid and gaseous media process filtration and are intended for installation of filter cartridges.

The choice of type and modification of filter holder depends on volume, type of medium to be filtered and process requirements. Single seat filter holders (for installation of single filter cartridge) and multi-seat filter holders (for installation of several filter cartridges) for liquid filtration are available. Single and multi-seat filter holders for air, gases and steam filtration as well as for tank vent filters (breather filter) are also presented.

Advantages of stainless steel DS filter holders

  • Filter holders are compact and can be used individually or can be integrated into the filtration system.
  • They are easy to dismount and clean, and can be subjected to autoclaving or to steam line treatment at 121 °С to 145 °С.
  • The structure of the filter holders allows increasing filter surface area by changing the number and height of the filter cartridges.
  • It is possible to use filter holders in series.
  • The structure of filter holder ensures integrity and easy access for replacement of filter cartridges as well as their secure sealing.
  • Filter holders are certified and approved for use in medicine and food industry.



  • Polypropylene (GOST 263950-86).
  • Stainless steel 12Х18Н10Т (GOST 5632-72) with polished external and internal surfaces.
  • Stainless steel AISI 316L.


Stainless steel filter holders can be exposed to any type of cleaning according to OST 42-21-2-85 including autoclaving and steam treatment. Polypropylene filter holders of DP type withstand hot-water treatment (up to 80°C) and cleaning with hydrogene peroxide (6%).


Filter holders are installed in stationary position on the floor, are mounted on a rigid frame or fixed with a special support to the wall. The assembling of pipe connections to the filter holder is realized with hub, ring or flange joint. To exchange the filter cartridge it is important to leave some free space under (above) the bottom of the holder with the height not less the height of the filter cartridge.