Beer filtration systems

Filtration systems of UPF.R and UPF.A type are produced on the basis of multi-cartridge filter holders, designed for various flow rates (from 0.5 to 16.0 m3/h and more), including different types of automation.

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Recommendations for filter cartridges


NPP Technofilter designs, produces and supplies customer-oriented filtration systems including all necessary measurement equipment and automatic control units.

Filtration plants are compact, mobile, easy-to-operate.

Filtration systems of UPF.R and UPF.A type can be installed directly in place, i.e. locally, as well as on a frame or a trolley. Systems consist of several filtration units and are fully equipped (pump unit, measuring and shut-off valves, pipelines, etc.) and ready for operation.

NPP Technofilter supply an automatic device TECHNOCHECK ™ mini for quick integrity tests of membrane filter cartridges and systems used in the beverages industry.

Recommendations for filter cartridges

The beer filtration system with sanitizing unit with the detergent solution is used in the food industry for the filtration of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Установки для фильтрации пива

Complete set:

  • beer filtration unit (two stainless steel filter holders DS (complete with pressure gauges) for 5, 8 18, 24 or 29 filter cartridges;
  • filtration unit for sanitizing (two filter housings DS ) flushing of each cascade separately in forward and reverse directions, this allows for more efficient regeneration and extends the service life of the filters.
  • piping, valves