Production facility

Nowadays Technofilter RME production facility includes working and office space of total area more than 5000 m², which is supplied with advanced high-tech equipment for manufacturing polymeric membranes, filter elements and package units.

Technofilter RME accommodates up-to-date equipment stock both in-house production and produced by leading global authorities.

High-tech pleating equipment
Purpose-designed test facilities
Updated production solutions
Clean room for manufacturing membrane filter cartridges
Updated production solutions

Technofilter RME meets the final safety and ecological cleanliness quality standards and is unrivalled throughout Russia and CIS countries.

Manufacturing automation

Automation of manufacturing operations allows for high reproducibility together with consistently high output.

Engineering systems

  • Production building is absolutely self-contained and has proprietary heating and conditioning system.
  • Mounted engineering systems provide production and laboratory facilities with pre-treated ventilation air, sterile compressed air and deionized water.
  • Mounted water-treatment system with the capacity of 6 m3/h provides sustainable and uninterrupted production of reverse-osmosis and deionized water (17 МОhm/sm) which is used for washing up of filter elements from organic and mechanical impurities.

GMP Quality standards

Production facilities are designed with respect to the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and are equipped with modern production machinery and test facilities for fulfilling operations concerning the production life cycle.

5 000 m2
Total area of production and office space
5 000 m2
Functional production area is designed in compliance with GMP requirements and is supplied with up-to-date equipment. Technofilter RME meets the high safety and biological cleanliness standards and has no counterparts in Russia.
450 m2
Clean room area of the 8th ISO purity class
Production facilities are designed with respect to modern global quality standards

Clean room

The functional area of production facilities occupies 5000 m², whereof 450 m² is for clean room of the 8th ISO purity class.

This is the place where under strictly-controlled clean room conditions the general manufacturing cycle of cartridge and capsule filter elements takes place, namely pleating of filtering materials, assembly, sealing, washing up, integrity testing, adapter welding, labeling and packaging. Monitoring of microclimate parameters (temperature and humidity) is regularly conducted in clean room, as well as the pressure drop control, and the periodic control of number concentration of airborne particulate. Compressed air preparation and supply system controls air parameters automatically.

Special attention is paid to the personnel hygiene, access rules and personnel culture in the production area. Personnel are provided with clean-room clothing sets in accordance with requirements to clean rooms.

Before delivery to clean room all materials and component parts are subjected to pretreatment in specially outfitted chambers, that ensures cleanliness control and in the long run excludes the adverse effect on products quality.


Administration and production building with the total area of 3000 m2, which was purchased in 2007, initially was designed for manufacturing of membrane filter elements together with Sartorius company as a part of German-Soviet joint venture.

Later the building was fully renovated and reconstructed in accordance with a new production project with respect to operational background in clean room conditions.


In September 2010 new production facility which complies to all European standards for manufacturing membrane filter elements was opened. The production capacity is equal to 50000 filter elements per year with an option to further expansion to 100000 pcs.


In December 2012 integrated project “The development of polymeric membranes with bacteriostatic, sterilizing and depyrogenized properties, filter elements and set-up on their bases” together with State educational Institution of higher vocational education Vladimir State University was completed. The reconstruction of production and administration and accommodation facilities was performed.


In February 2013 new production and office facilities with the total area of 1381 m2 are put into operation.

As a result of cooperative research and development investigations the manufacturing of new polymeric membranes, filters and set-up on their bases with bacteriostatic, sterilizing and depyrogenized properties started in 2013. Such products are widely used in pharmacy, virology and for recovery of drinking water in extreme conditions.

Constant technological development

Head of the enterprise constantly invests share of profits into technological development and production modernization, into the increase of scientific capability, thereby advancing the product quality and expansion of product range.

Technofilter RME meets the final safety and ecological cleanliness quality standards and is unrivalled throughout Russia and CIS countries.