Stabilization of colored alcoholic beverages

Stabilization of colored alcoholic beverages
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Features and applications
Recommendations for filter cartridges

Features and applications

It is known that alcoholic beverages, which include fruit juices and fruit drinks, are complex colloidal systems, and their balance may disrupt due to some changes of external conditions. Long-term observations show that filtering them through the filter cardboard does not always guarantee the beverages to be stable for a long time. 

Multistage cartridge microfiltration using various filter media considerably extends the period of product stable transparency.

The main applications of NPP Technofilter products and technologies in the production of colored liqueurs are the following:

  • Polishing (clarifying) filtration before bottling for brightness and transparency.
  • Removal of residual opalescence, colloids. 
  • Increasing of product stable transparency during storage.

Recommendations for filter cartridges

Filter cartridges and equipment for polishing filtration and stabilization of colored alcoholic beverages

To stabilize alcoholic beverages after pretreatment on a filter press, we suggest using a two- or three-stage filtration scheme before bottling based on cartridge microfilters.

The choice of a filtration scheme is carried out taking into account the type of product, its tendency to opacity, system performance and individual requirements of the Customer.
The combination "pre-filter – finishing membrane filter" increases the reliability of the technological process, ensures the best quality of the drink, maximum productivity, long resource and efficiency of the entire system.

The used filter media help to preserve all the organoleptic properties of the drink.

EPM.PS - new-generation filter cartridge based on polyethersulfone membrane

We present new generation high performance filter cartridge based on polyethersulfone membrane EPM.PS with the possibility of multiple wash out and regeneration.


Advantages for Customer

The filter is based on a reliable pleated polyethersulfone membrane with excellent performance characteristics.

  • Wide chemical compatibility (pH 1-14)
  • Excellent thermal resistance (up to 100°C in water).
  • Low ability to bind proteins.
  • Longer service life due to an increased surface area up to 0.76 m2/250 mm.

High efficiency of retention bacteria and microorganisms (99.98%).

  • Available with pore sizes of 0.65, 0.45 and 0.2 microns. 
  • Guaranteed removal of yeast cells, molds and pathogenic bacteria before bottling.

Pronounced asymmetric pore structure and an increased total porosity of the membrane.

  • High filtering speed and small differential pressure reduce financial costs.

Reinforced construction, long service life.

  • Reliable preservation of filter’s integrity under harsh operation conditions
  • The possibility of multiple sterilization cycles ensures economical operation.

100% control for quality assurance, integrity testing.

  • Microbiological reliability means that the breakthrough of delayed particles and microorganisms is excluded.
  • Guarantee the integrity and effective operation of the product. Can be checked by a special integrity test during operation

Non-toxic, pyrogen-free.

  • Passed extensive tests and certified for use in food industry, manufactured in accordance with a certified quality management system ISO 9001:2015.

Operating characteristics

  • The maximum operating temperature is 800 ° C at 0.20 MPa
  • Maximum pressure drop is 0.5 MPa at 20 ° C, 0.20 MPa at 80 ° C
  • Recommended flow rate / 250 mm - 250-300 l/h
  • Direct flow wash out with hot water (at least 50 cycles) - 90 ° C, 30 min
  • Steam sterilization (not less than 20 cycles) - 121 ° С, 30 min

Effective pre-filtration

Our company recommends depth pleated multiply recycled filter cartridges EPV.STs, EPVg.P, EPV.S for high-quality pre-filtration before final membrane filter cartridges.

Recommended options for pre-filtration before membrane filter cartridges

Finishing membrane filter 


Normal protection (for easily filtered drinks)

EPV.STs-300/100 or EPV.S-080

Intensive protection (for hard-to-filter drinks)


Brief specification of depth filter cartridges used for the preliminary filtration of colored alcoholic beverages


Filter media

Retention efficiency, μm


Brief description


100% polypropylene chemically resistant (pH 1-14)

1.0, 5.0, 10.0, 20.00



Stable rigid matrix, absolute retention capacity, multiple regeneration. Operating temperature up to 90 ° С. Can be used for preliminary filtration of hard-to-filter drinks. 


Combination of fiberglass/ cellulose/ polypropylene

1.0, 0.8



Stable rigid matrix, high porosity, advanced adsorption capacity towards microparticles, hydrophilicity, maximum throughput and small differential pressure reduce financial costs. Operating temperature up to 80 ° С. Can be used for preliminary filtration of colored alcoholic drinks before final membrane filter cartridge..


Microfiber glass

0.5; 0.9



Stable rigid matrix, absolute retention capacity, multiple regeneration, increased contamination capability and lifetime. Operating temperature up to 100°С. Can be used for highly effective pre-filtration. 

All NPP Technofilter filter cartridges are produced according to certified Quality Management System in compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Equipment. Laboratory equipment for the selection of optimal filtration scheme

KFM and KFV filter capsules


Capsules are designed for fast and effective filtration of small volumes of liquids and gases. Capsule filter cartridges (KFM or KFV) allow carry out small-scale pilot tests at early stages of the development of the filtration system to select the optimal combination of filters, especially for the treatment of hard-to-filter solutions without investing in stainless steel equipment.

Capsules are especially effective for critical applications, when it is necessary to filter individual batches of the product (single-use).


Capsules are ready-to-use, inexpensive complete one-piece filters, which are mini-cartridges soldered into polypropylene holders. The design allows the capsules to be used without installing a steel filter holder.

The capsule filter has a high-strength, sealed polypropylene housing and is equipped with various filter media with a wide range of pore sizes. The flush capability allows the capsule filter to be reused until the entire filter surface is exhausted.
All NPP Technofilter filter cartridges can be produced in the form of capsules.

Pilot filtration systems

Multifunctional pilot filtration system for filtration of small volumes of products, ingredients, for pilot filtration and testing of various technologies

Multifunctional pilot filtration system for filtration of small volumes of products, ingredients, for pilot filtration and testing of various technologies


They are used in the food industry for the production of beverages and are intended for fine purification of vodkas, wine, tinctures, liqueurs, and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

It can be used for industrial purposes for filtration of drinks (throughput 250 - 1000 l / h), as well as for testing of filtration technologies in laboratory conditions.
Pilot filtration systems for souvenir lines can be completed with a control panel with an automatic circuit breaker and frequency converter.

UPF.R3(1х250/1х250/1х250)-0.25 filtration system


  • Small size and weight allow using the unit even in cramped conditions; it is easy to transfer from one place to another, to connect to any capacity.
  • Single holders allow to reduce filtration costs, to select the most optimal set of filter cartridges, to filter a small volume of souvenir products or ingredients for the main products (for example, honey), and also to process pure waste.

System complete set

UPF.P3 is mounted on a frame and consists of:

  • pump unit (GRUNDFOS Germany);
  • filtration unit (three single stainless steel filter holders 250, 500 or 750 mm height 12x18Н10Т, complete with manometers);
  • piping, stop valves, flow meter.

Filtration systems

On the customer’s request, UPF.R and UPF.A systems with manual and automatic control are designed on the basis of multicartridge filter holders. They are designed for various flow rates (from 0.5 to 12,0 m3/h and more). NPP Technofilter designs, produces and completes customer-oriented systems including all necessary measurement equipment and automatic control units according to customer’s request.

Filtration systems are compact, mobile, easy to operate. It is possible to install them permanently in place, i.e. locally as well as on a frame or a trolley. Systems consist of several filtration units and are fully equipped (pump unit, measuring and shut-off valves, pipelines, etc.) and ready for operation.

“Absolute-quality” filtration systems with automatic control

“Absolute-quality” filtration systems with automatic control

“Absolute-quality” filtration systems UPF.A with automatic control are especially popular among wineries. The standard system is based on two-stage filtration scheme. The units for filtration of wine and liqueurs are additionally equipped with a filter unit for preparation of service media. The systems differ by a complete set (a set of options) and the degree of automation - it all depends on the filtrated beverage and the individual requirements of the Customer.


  • Stable high quality of the drink.
  • Soft start, maintaining the set pressure at the input and output of the system.
  • Absence of hydraulic shocks.
  • The optimal set of options, compactness.
  • Full service life of filter cartridges.
  • Touchpad - control of all filtration parameters in real time.
  • Wash out of filter cartridges with highly purified water or regeneration with detergent solutions directly in the system without using an additional pump.
  • Removal of the remainder of the drink with compressed air.
  • Reliable accessories.

“Absolute quality” filtration systems make filtration process totally visible, secure and efficient for the whole business. The Customer is enabled to fully control the filtration process and to be sure of the end product quality.