Distillate-based drinks

Sorption processing of distillates is a new technology for processing beverages.

The new technology is based on special activated carbons and ion-exchange resins. The filtration technology is patented by Technofilter RME, patent No. 2724373. It is especially important to use these technologies in combination with the Silver Filtration ® technology when processing vodkas based on fruit and grape distillates and drinks based on them, which are widespread in European countries.The processing speed of distillates, as a rule, is higher than when processing classic vodkas and is selected in such a way that the aroma inherent in alcohol is full bodied and typical for a given fruit or fruit distillate.

The processing technology consists in the sequential application of three different sorbents. The new technology is based on the already proven method of processing the water-alcohol mixture "Silver Filtration" ®, supplemented by two additional softening units. Consistent use of sorbents with different properties allows to obtain the best results for products with "complex" aromatics and taste. It is especially important to preserve the recognition of the drink and preserve its individual characteristics. Moreover, for distillates based on different raw materials, the technology allows you to select individual processing modes to obtain samples with different organoleptic properties.

The new three-stage filtration system is also suitable for classic rectified alcohol-based drinks. Thanks to additional sorption units, such a system can be used both for premium vodkas and for preparing a stable base for the entire line of vodka products.