Trap filtration and clarification of kvass

Trap filtration  and clarification of kvass

Trap filtration of kvass after the kieselguhr filter is a system that allows not to use a filter presses. Filtration is carried out in a closed housing with minimal loss of carbon dioxide and prevents the contact of kvass with air, preserving the taste of the drink. At the same time, product losses and labor intensity of the process are significantly reduced.

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Recommendations for filter cartridges


Trap filtration of kvass is widely used in the EU countries and in Russia (including large beer corporations). It allows significantly to reduce the cost of consumables (in comparison with the filter carton) and the costs due to product losses.

The trap filtration system consists of a filter holder (see below) with a set of filter cartridges.

Recommendations for filter cartridges

Filters for efficient and economical trap filtration of kvass

NPP Technofilter presents a cartridge filter EPVg.P for high-quality trap filtration of beer with the possibility of multiple washing and regeneration. 



100% full polypropylene filter cartridge with excellent performance and high chemical resistance.

  • Wide chemical compatibility (pH 1-14). 
  • Excellent thermal stability (up to 90 ° C).
  • Longer service life due to increased surface area (pleated).

High efficiency of microparticle retention (98-99.5%)

  • Available with a wide range of ratings from 0.2 to 20 microns.

Reinforced structure, stable matrix

  • Reliable integrity of the filter in harsh environments.
  • Withstand steam sterilization in line, multiple backwash rinses and all types of sanitation treatment


  • Certificated for application in the food-processing industry, produced according to the certificated system of a quality management GOST R ISO 9001-2015 (ISO 9001:2015)

Operational characteristics:

  • The maximum pressure drop - 0.5 MPa at 20 °C, 0.25 MPa at 80 °C 
  • Rinsing with hot water (at least 100 cycles) – 90 °C, 30 min 
  • Steam sterilization (at least 20 cycles) - up to 135 °C, 30 min