Filtration, stabilization and sterilization processes are key elements of brewing. They are critical for quality factors such as taste and flavor, clarity, microbiological and colloidal stability, and the shelf life of the beer.

We manufacture and supply a wide range of filters to cover all filtration needs, from primary filtration of water and process gases to the final filtration of beer before bottling.

Filtration of beer is performed to remove of yeast and bacterial cells, suspended particles which can form opal turbidity and might ultimately emerge as flakes. At the same time, trap filters based on precoat kieselguhr, filter presses, separators, as well as cartridge-type filters are used.

Unfiltered beer is stored for only a few days, filtered on kieselguhr filter - from 5 to 20 days, after additional final filtration on cartridge filters - from 30 to 90 days.

Examples of beer filtration (photos, videos, reviews).

Main applications of cartridge filtration in beer production:

  • trap filtration of beer (fine filtration after precoat kieselguhr)
  • control filtration before bottling
  • sterilizing membrane filtration for cold sterile filling without pasteurization
  • sterilizing water filtration
  • fine filtration of industrial water and detergent solutions (CIP)
  • sterilizing filtration of process air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide
  • fine filtration of steam
  • “breathing” filters for tanks