Filter cartridge

Technofilter’s standard filter cartridge is a cylinder with the diameter of 70 mm and the height of 250 mm, the cylinder has an inner perforated polypropylene body wrapped around with layers of various filtrating materials. An outer perforated body ensures mechanical strength of the cartridge during filtration, wash out and sterilization.

The filtration process takes place from the outside to the inside, while the filtrate flows out from the lower part of the inner case (dead-end mode).

Filter elements with the height of 500 mm, 750 mm and 1000 mm are produced on the basis of standard elements. Tightness of connections is provided only with heat sealing without any glues which precludes any extraction of the components. 

To increase filtration surface area, we use the pleating technology, whereby filter material layers are overlapped with each other and placed as pleats around the inner perforated body.

Technofilter was the first Russian company that developed and applied the pleating technology in production of filter cartridges.

Our pleating technology provides an increase in the filtration surface area of a cartridge up to 1 m2 (for an element with the height of 250 mm) giving maximum access of liquid (or gas) to the overall surface of a cartridge and ensuring high lifetime and contamination capacity of a product. 

In addition to pleated filter elements, we produce wound and filled filter cartridges.