Filtration in manufacturing industries

Technofilter offers filtration systems and technologies for chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas industries, paint and varnish industry, microelectronics and machine engineering industries, electric power industry, metallurgy and a variety of industrial processes.

We are proud of our innovative developments we make on request of organizations for space and aviation industries.

Chemical, petrochemical and mechanical engineering industries:

  • filtration of non-aqueous solutions, lubricating oils, emulsions, cooling liquids
  • filtration of acids, alcohols, alkalis, organic solvents, catalysts, hydrogen peroxide
  • filtration of chemical solutions, hydraulic liquids, lubricating fluids
  • filtration of etch solutions (galvanic)
  • filtration of HFL (acetone, ethanol, methanol, etc.)
  • filtration of process water, back water for boilers
  • filtration of liquefied gases
  • breathing filters (breathers)
  • filters for natural gas
  • water treatment (protection of reverse osmosis systems, demineralized water)
  • other applications

Electronics and instrument engineering

  • deionized water, high-ohmic and ultrapure water
  • photosensitive resists and solvents
  • chemical agents and reagents
  • electroforming solutions
  • air and gas sterilization
  • other applications

Oil and gas and oil refining industries

  • filtration of natural and associated gas
  • breather filters for drinking water storage tanks.
  • Removal of mechanical inclusions from kerosene, gasoline, diesel fuel, etc.

Power Engineering

  • gas filtration
  • filtration of hydraulic and transformer oils
  • condensate filtration
  • filtration of detergent solutions on water treatment plants.
  • barrier filters preceding water treatment systems.

Aviation and space industries

  • in life support system of the International Space Station for water regeneration from atmospheric moisture condensate.
  • removing dust, toxic aerosols, drip moisture from air as a part of the oxygen system onboard of MiG-29
  • filtration of process media.

General industry applications 

In case you have specific filtration tasks, please contact technical specialists of Technofilter to make a decision on selection of filtration equipment. 

Industrial filtration

Membrane filtration

"Technofilter" produces a wide range of sterilizing filters in the form of standard filter cartridges and capsules based on various membrane materials:

  • Polyamide (Nylon) is characterized by high filtration rates and wide chemical compatibility. It is used as a membrane material for EPM.K - / 020
  •  Polyamide (Nylon) with Z-potential as a membrane material for EPM.K + / -020 is used for sterilizing filtration with pyrogenic control for removing viruses from water systems.
  • Polyethersulfone has a wide chemical compatibility (pH = 1-14), high temperature resistance and throughput, low sorption with respect to proteins, enzymes and proteins. The pronounced asymmetric structure and the increased total porosity of the membrane ensures reliable removal of microorganisms at high flow rates using EPM-PS-020.

Prefiltration, clarification, sorption purification, water treatment

Prefilters of "Technofilter" have a different design and are based on various materials:

Membrane prefilters:

  • EPM.K is a prefilter with a polyamide membrane.
  • EPM.SK is a prefilter based on polyamide membrane combined with a micro fiberglass prefilter.
  • EPM.PS is a prefilter with a polyethersulfone membrane.
  • EPM.FG is a prefilter based on hydrophilized fluoroplastic membrane (PVDF).

Pleated prefilters:

  • EPVg.P is a universal pleated filter cartridge based on polypropylene microfibers of increased density.
  • EPV.S is a pleated filter made of 100% microfine glass fiber.
  • EPV.SC is based on a pleated filter material made of microfine glass, cellulose and polypropylene fibers.
  • EPNS.P is a full metal filter cartridge used for process water filtration at high temperatures.
  • EPNS is a pleated filter made of metal mesh for pre-filtration processes of highly contaminated solutions, process water.

Unpleated prefilters:

  • EPV.P is prefilter made of multiple polypropylene layers (wound or woven), bonded by air-extrusion method for different water treatment systems.

In this section, we observe only the main technological processes, where our filtration equipment is successfully used. The choice of equipment, as a rule, is multivariate, and depends on specific conditions of the production process. The section Products describes the main recommendations for use for each product type. As each process is unique and requires an individual approach, please contact technical specialists of Technofilter to make a decision on selection of filtration equipment.