Silver filtration

Silver Filtration ® is a modern regulated dynamic method of vodka production.

OOO NPP Technofilter offers the alcohol industry companies an innovative technology for producing of vodkas without coal columns - the Silver Filtration® technology. The technology is patented by OOO NPP Technofilter. Patent No. 2 222 586 "Silver filtration” method for processing of vodka water-alcohol mixture and vodka and cartridge filter".

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About technology


  • the absence of an increase in the content of aldehydes both during the processing of water-alcohol mixtures and vodkas, and during long stops, make it possible to work periodically;
  • high speed of processing of water-alcohol mixtures and vodkas;
  • long service life of EPSF.UAg0.4 filter cartridges;
  • the compactness of the equipment, as compared to classical coal columns, allows occupying less working area;
  • ease of maintenance of the filter cartridges will save a lot of time and effort required to replace carbon in a classic coal column.

About technology

The new technology is based on the developed and patented original design of the EPSF.U Ag0.4 filter cartridge. In this case, The design of the filter cartridge takes into account the ability of carbons to swell in the course of operation and precludes the possibility of “channelling” even at high filtration rates.

EPSF.UAg0.4 filter element is a carbon minicolumn containing silver-containing carbon loaded between the inner and outer shells, featuring longitudinal flow pattern.

By connecting cartridges with a height of 250 mm by heat sealing, elements with a height of 500, 750 and 1000 mm are produced.

Уникальная запатентованная конструкция ЭПСФ.УAg 0.4

Unique patented EPSF.UAg 0.4 design

Установка УСФ.2 (8х750/24х1000)-5 производства НПП Технофильтр

USF.2 (8x750 / 24x1000) -5 filtration system manufactured by NPP Technofilter

Фильтрующие элементы ЭПСФ.УAg 0.4 высотой 250, 500, 750, 1000мм

Filter cartridges EPSF.UAg0.4 250, 500, 750, 1000 mm height

The unique patented design of EPSF.UAg0.4 filter cartridge and highly efficient coconut silver impregnated coal allow to increase the speed of water-alcohol mixture processing, which means the reducing of coal amount and reducing of water-alcohol mixture amount in contact with coal. This allowed turn to a periodic mode of operation, working in one shift, producing the necessary quantity of products without overloading warehouses, which is especially important for young enterprises entering the market with a new product.

Based on experience and conducted studies, the recommended filtration rate through one "mini-coal column" (ESPF.UAg0.4 filter cartridge 250 mm high) is 3-6 dal/h when processing water-alcohol mixture and 8-12 dal/h for additional filtration of vodkas. Depending on initial quality of water and alcohol, the operating life of one mini-column for the water-alcohol mixture is 3500-5000 dal. The operating life of filter cartridge for vodka is 7000-9000 dal.

During the work on the introduction and improvement of new technology, Technofilter specialists have developed a series of filtration systems “Silver filtration" USF series with a capacity up to 1000 dal/h on water-alcohol mixture and up to 2000 dal/h on vodka. The systems are compact, mounted on a single frame and consist of an explosion-proof pump unit, main stainless steel filter holder (a coal treatment unit) for various amounts and height of filter cartridges, a pre-filter for protecting carbon elements from mechanical impurities, a flow meter, and shut-off valves. USF can be equipped with a control panel with an automatic switch and frequency converter for smooth adjustment.

All "Silver filtration" systems are equipped with sorption filter cartridges ESPF.UAg0.4 with a height from 500 to 1000 mm .

An important advantage of "Silver filtration" technology is the absence of time period for process stabilization, and, consequently, the absence of an unrecoverable waste, the amount of which can reach up to several tons when working on coal columns. "Silver filtration" system produces high quality vodka from the first minutes of operation and high organoleptic properties of product are confirmed by numerous awards at exhibitions and specialized tastings.

One of the most important indicators of "Silver filtration" technology effectiveness, along with convenience and good quality of the product, is long operation life of filter cartridges. For example, filtration system with capacity of 400-500 dal/h has an average service life of filter cartridge set up to 500 thousand dal (24 elements 1000 mm height or 96 "mini-columns"), which determines the low cost of technology usage.

Установка Серебряной фильтрации УСФ.2 (8х750/24х1000)-5 с фильтроэлементами ЭПСФ.УAg 0.4 заменяет батарею угольных колонн на ЛВЗ Владалко

USF.2 (8х750 / 24х1000) -5 filtration system with filter cartridges EPSF.UAg 0.4 replaces the battery of coal columns at the JSC "Vladalko" distillery.

Фильтрующие элементы ЭПСФ.УAg 0.4 в автоматизированной линии приготовления и обработки водно-спиртовой смеси на ОАО ЛВЗ Топаз

Filter cartridges EPSF.UAg 0.4 in an automated line for the preparation and processing of a water-alcohol mixture at JSC Distillery "Topaz"

"Silver filtration" systems are easy to maintain and do not cause difficulties in mastering the technology, which increases the reliability in operation.

At the same time, the technologist has a convenient tool that allows receiving products corresponding to various tastes of the customer. Changing the speed can vary the softness of vodka, making either very soft, with a delicate aroma, or more burning. It has become possible to receive vodka with minimal losses from small amounts of water-alcohol mixture with a special formulation, for example, purified with milk.

 "Silver filtration" systems with filter cartridges EPSF.UAg0.4 from 2005 are recommended for use instead of coal columns ("Production technological regulations for the production of vodkas and alcoholic beverages". Amendment No. 1 to MF 10-12292-99 of 07.11.2005 8.5.9 and Changing No. 2 to MFR 10-12292-99 from 12.03 8.5.9) on small-scale production plants, in factories with long stops while filtering on coal batteries, as an additional purification of water-alcohol solutions after coal columns and as a control filtration before bottling in order to increase organoleptic properties.

Today "Silver filtration" technology is increasingly used in distilleries. If recently vodka producers have seen in technology mainly marketing, then the time has also revealed the technological merits, thanks to which "Silver filtration" technology is now operated in more than 300 enterprises in 40 countries. Nowadays it is the main way of processing water-alcohol mixtures in the production of vodkas of Russian brands.

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