Silver filtration technology

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Filtration systems of USF type are widely used in liquor industry and are intended for processing of alcohol water mixtures (sortings) and vodkas. Experts of Technofilter RME developed and certified a series of USF units based on "Silver filtration" technology with a capacity up to 1000 dal/h for sorting.

Features and applications
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Features and applications

The principle of the USF operation is the processing of water-alcohol mixtures (sortings) by passing the liquid through the preliminary and coal filtration unit, ensuring the required quality of the product.

The unit is equipped with a pump to provide the necessary pressure and the complete exhaustion of filter element operation life. It is also equipped with shut-off valves for draining the air, and also with valves for draining the liquid and control valves.

A flow meter is installed to measure the rate of filtration downstream of the system. Sight glasses mounted on the cover of filter holders are designed to visually control the filling of the holders with liquid. Pressure gauges are used to measure the pressure drop across the two stages of the system.

The presence of a control panel with an automatic switch and a frequency converter facilitates a smooth adjustment of the filtering speed, an energy-saving mode of operation of the unit, and eliminates the heating of the filtered sorting.


Technical specification of standard USF.2 (8х750/24х1000)-5/-



System capacity for sorting processing, m3/h





Material of the through flow part

Stainless steel 12Х18Т10Т, GOST 19903-74

Maximum pressure Р max., MPa


Maximum permissible operating temperature of sorting, °С


Power supply voltage, V


Power consumption, kWt


Dimensions, mm


Net weight, kg, no more


Number of filter elements in pre-filtration stage, pcs


Number of filter elements in coal filtration stage, pcs


Height of filter elements in pre-filtration stage, mm


Height of filter elements in carbon filtration stage, mm


Nominal diameter (DN), mm

50 (80)

Filter elements


Filter holder brand

Brief description

Pre-filtration unit (for protection of carbon filter elements from mechanical impurities)


Wound depth filter element based on texturized polypropelene fiber with nominal micron rating of 5 μm.

Carbon filtration unit



Sorption filter cartridge based on silver impregnated activated coconut carbon.

Order information

List of parts for standard system

Standard system USF.2 (8Х750/24Х1000)-5/- with filtration capacity up to 500 dal/h for sorting consists of:

  • pump (ONC, Russia or GRUNDFOS, Germany in fire and explosion safe version);
  • pre-filtration unit (stainless steel (12Х18Н10Т) filter holder DS-8-A-750P with EPV.P-500 filter elements) for the protection of coal filters from mechanical impurities;
  • carbon filtration unit (stainless steel (12Х18Н10Т) filter holder DS-24-A-1000P with a sight glass and pressure gauge for 24 EPSF.UAg0.4 filter elements);
  • piping, on-off valves, flow meter;
  • control panel with automatic cut-out and frequency converter.

Output products have undergone rigorous testing, meet the requirements of food industry and have safety and health certificate.

All TU (technical specification) on filtration equipment conform to VNIIPBT.

“Silver filtration” systems successfully operate on 200 enterprises in Russia, Ukraine, the Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Croatia, Slovakia, Mongolia, India, Brazil.

"Silver filtration" systems with filter cartridges EPSF.UAg0.4 from 2005 are recommended for use instead of coal columns ("Production technological regulations for the production of vodkas and alcoholic beverages". Amendment No. 1 to MF 10-12292-99 of 07.11.2005 8.5.9 and Changing No. 2 to MFR 10-12292-99 from 12.03 8.5.9) on small-scale production plants, in factories with long stops while filtering on coal batteries, as an additional purification of water-alcohol solutions after coal columns and as a control filtration before bottling in order to increase organoleptic properties.