Classification of filter elements by particle retention mechanism

  • Membrane (surface particle retention predominates)
  • Pleated depth (combination of surface and depth particle retention mechanisms)
  • Fiber depth (particle retention occurs in the bulk of filter material)

In addition, the filter cartridges can be classified as hydrophilic (designed to filter liquids) and hydrophobic (for filtration of air, gaseous and non-aqueous media). 

Depending on the type of filter holder, the elements are available with different adapters or without adapter. All adapters are universal and allow the use of filter cartridges produced by Technofilter RME Ltd in various filter holders including ones by other manufacturers. The sealing of the cartridge in the housing is provided by elastic sealing rings made of silicone or other materials compatible with the medium to be filtered.

Mini-cartridge is a smaller version of a standard Filter Cartridge, it has the diameter of 70 mm and the height of 100 mm, 125 mm or 150 mm. Mini-Cartridges are used in the same fields as standard filter cartridges for filtration of smaller volumes.