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Filter cartridge
Washed with ultra pure water
Bacterial safety testing
Produced in clean room conditions according to GMP
Pyrogene-free, tested for toxicological safety
Sterilizing filter Quality Certificate
Filter capsule
Tested for integrity
Produced according to ISO 9001:2015
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Filter cartridge
Washed with ultra pure water
Bacterial safety testing
Produced in clean room conditions according to GMP
Pyrogene-free, tested for toxicological safety
Sterilizing filter Quality Certificate
Filter capsule
Tested for integrity
Produced according to ISO 9001:2015
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EPM.K+ filter element based on positively charged (Zeta potential) polyamide membrane for removal of endotoxins and viruses from pharmaceutical class water systems. Positively charged membrane surface ensures retention of not only particles and microorganisms, but also bacterial endotoxins (pyrogenes), viruses and molecules that are not retained by a standard sterilizing microfilter.

Features and applications
Order information
Features and applications



Proprietary polyamide hydrophilic membrane with modified charge (Nylon6+66)

  • Reliable sterilizing filtration with pyrogenicity control.
  • Effective removal of negatively charged viruses, molecules, endotoxins, bacteria, particles and biogarantie.
  • Wide chemical compatibility.
  • Easy to wet to perform the filtration and tests.

Reliable checked characteristics of the 0.2 μm membrane

  • Comply with the requirements of the directive of the Association of Manufacturers of Medical Industry on microbiological challenge of 0.2 μm filters for sterilizing filtration of liquids;
  • Confirmation of sterilization capability on the basis of the integrity test results.

High strength of the cartridge structure 

  • Reliable maintenance of filter integrity under heavy duty operational conditions.
  • Able to withstand autoclaving and in-line steam sterilization.

100% integrity control

  • Guaranteed integrity and efficient operation of the product.
  • Provide full retention of bacteria, bacteriophages and particles in high flow rate processes of liquids filtration.

Apyrogenic. Designed and adapted for pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries.

  • Passed all necessary tests for biological safety, extractability, pyrogene and fiber emission.
  • Provided with necessary quality certificates.

Main applications

  • Filtration of injections and infusion solutions with pyrogenicity control.
  • Sterilizing filtration of low-seminated solutions.
  • Removal of mycoplasmas, bacterial endotoxins (pyrogens) and viruses from aqueous solutions.
  • Continuous sterilizing filtration in water treatment systems.
  • Production of deionized water / water for injection.

Cartridge materials 


Nylon6+66 with positive Zeta potential

Prefilter membrane

Nylon6+66 with positive Zeta potential

Draining layer


Body, end parts, adapter


Supporting (encapsulated) adapter ring

Stainless steel (on request)


Silicone (other materials are available by request)


Pore size, μm

Ordering code







Nominal Dimensions

Height (H), mm

Diameter (D), mm

Filter Area (S), m2

100 (4")



250 (10")



500 (20")



750 (30")



1000 (40")



Operational parameters

Maximal differential pressure, MPa

0.5 MPa at 20°C, 0.2 MPa at 80°C

Maximal reverse differential pressure, MPa

0,1 при 20°C

Maximal operational temperature, °C


Direct flow wash out

Hot water (up to 80 °C) and chemical agents


121°С, 0.12 MPa, 30 min., 20 cycles

Steam sterilization

121°С, 0.12 MPa, 30 min., 10 cycles

* For detailed instructions on wash out and sterilization of cartridges and capsules please contact technical specialists of Technofilter.


EPM.K+ membrane-based filter elements are produced in accordance with the regulatory technical documents on product quality and are certified for use in the filtration processes of biopharmaceutical solutions. All EPM.K+ filter elements are subjected to wash out from organic and mechanical impurities with high-purity water and to 100% integrity control.

Wash out, integrity control, drying, final assembly and packaging of membrane-based filter elements is carried out in special clean rooms (ISO class 5, 6 and 7) according to the classification of clean rooms in the pharmaceutical industry.

EPM.K+ membrane-based filter elements undergo tests for bacterial and toxicological safety, materials used in the construction of filters have a minimal amount of extractable components and are approved for contact with intravenous drugs and food. Safety of filter cartridges is determined by a series of sanitary and chemical tests, and toxicology tests in compliance with GOST R ISO 10993.1-99, GOST R ISO 10993.5-99, GOST R ISO 10993.10-00.

Integrity test 

In the course of testing each membrane-based elements is integrity tested by the non-destructive physical method of determination of rate of air passing through the water wetted membrane. The diffusion rate for EPM.K+ -020 does not exceed 15 ml / min at a pressure of 0.25 MPa. This diffusion threshold ensures 100% retention of Brevundimonas Diminuta bacteria at a concentration of TR> 107 CFU / cm2.

Integrity test values of EPM.K+ when using automatic control systems


Max. diffusion, ml/min

Test pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2)



0,25 (2,5) at 20°С



0,16 (1,6) at 20°С

*All values are given for the elements 10” (250 mm) height. To obtain maximum permissible diffusion values for filter cartridges 20” (500 mm) and 30” (750 mm) height the diffusion values for the standard (10”) cartridge should be multiplied by 2 or 3 respectively.

Bacterial endotoxin (pyrogenicity)

Filtrate samples are examined for bacterial endotoxin (EU) content using the LAL test. EU content is lower than 0.05 EU/ml, the allowable value for water designated for preparation of injection solutions is less than 0.25 EU/ml.

Order information

EPM.K+ Filter Cartridges ordering information

EPM.K+ 045/020 D1 250 M
Grade Micron rating Adapter code Cartridge height Application


020/020 = 0,2+0,2мкм

D, D1, А1, А4

100 = 100 mm
125 = 125 mm
250 = 250 mm (10")
500 = 500 mm (20")
750 = 750mm (30")

М = medical and biopharmaceutical industry.