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KFM.F4 Capsule filter for sterilizing filtration of gas and air

KFM.F4 Capsules by Technofilter RME Ltd are produced on the basis of hydrophobic fluoroplastic (PTFE) membrane especially developed for finish treatment of gases and air in the critical contact with product.  


KFM.F4 Capsules are used for sterilizing filtration of gaseous media in medicine, microbiological industry, pharmacy, food and other industries.  

Main applications

  • For sterilizing filtration of compressed air and gases, CO2
  • For removal of particles and “mist” in the laboratory air supply.
  • For ventilation of containers (“tank breathing”).
  • For polishing and sterilization of non-aqueous media, aggressive liquids compatible with filter’s materials.

KFM.F4 Capsule materials



Draining layer


Capsule body, inner and outer bodies if filter cartridge, tip covers, fittings


Operational parameters

Parameter description

KFM.F4 Capsule filter

Mean membrane pore size, μm


Initial air flow rate at t=20°С, Р=0,05 МPа for filter cartridge 60 mm height для, dm3/h


Maximal operational pressure, MPa


Maximal differential pressure for capsules, MPa

0,1 at t=60°С, 0,3 at  t=20°С 

Recommended operational temperature, °C

0 - 40

Maximal operational temperature, °C


Effective filter area for filter cartridge 60/125 mm height, m2


Recommended change-out differential pressure, MPA (bar)

0,24 (2,4)

Sterilization by autoclaving

Up to 126°C

Sanitization and sterilization

Sterilization of Capsule filters is performed by autoclaving at temperature 126°С for 30 minutes after attainment of set-point temperature.

KFM.F4 Capsule filters are able to withstand at least 30 sterilization cycles by autoclaving at P = 0,1 MPa and t=126 ± 1о С. Note! It is prohibited to sterilize Capsule filters by steam-in-line.   

KFM.F4 Capsules are compatible with wide variety of chemical substances.

For detailed instructions on operation Capsules please contact technical specialists of Technofilter RME Ltd. 

Quality and safety 

All membrane filter cartridges used for production of KFM.F4 Capsule filters are subjected to wash out from organic and mechanical impurities with high-purity water and to 100% integrity control.  

Capsules produced by Technofilter RME Ltd are added to the Register of Medical Devices of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation.  

Capsule filters are certified for use in Medical Industry and Sanitary and Epidemiological Station, they are authorized to use in Food industry. Safety of filter cartridges is determined by a series of sanitary and chemical tests, and toxicology tests in compliance with GOST R ISO 10993.1-99, GOST R ISO 10993.5-99, GOST R ISO 10993.10-00.    

KFM.F4 Capsules ordering information






Micron rating,


Connection type

Capsule height



020 = 0.2 + 0.2 μm


K – sanitary clamp

P – thread cone-shaped

60 mm (2.5”)

125 mm (5”)

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