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Platinum filtration

Technofilter offers the enterprises - producers of alcoholic beverages a new unique technology "Platinum filtration" of vodkas.


It is known that platinum is one of the strongest catalysts of chemical reactions and is widely used in oxidation-reduction processes.

Historical reference

Platinum is one of the rarest metals. The word PLATINA literally means "small silver", "silver." Today, platinum is not only precious metal, but - more importantly - one of the important materials of technological revolution. Nowadays about half of all consumed platinum is used as catalysts for various reactions in virtually all industries.

Platinum, especially in the finely crushed state, is a very active catalyst for many chemical reactions, including those used on an industrial scale. For example, it catalyzes hydrogen combination reaction to aromatic compounds even at room temperature and atmospheric pressure of hydrogen. Platinum catalysts accelerate many other practically important reactions: the hydrogenation of fats, cyclic and aromatic hydrocarbons, olefins, aldehydes, acetylene, and oxidation-reduction reactions.

The undeniable advantages of platinum catalysts are great activity, durability, high efficiency. According to Technofilter technical task, a domestic technology for producing active coals impregnated with platinum has been developed. Together with VNIIPBT, in 2006, production tests of the new technology "Platinum Filtering" were conducted.

Joint research was carried out at two industrial plants: CJSC Veda and ZAO LVZ Topaz.

The joint work resulted in the inclusion of "Platinum filtration" in the "Production technological regulations for the production of vodka and alcoholic beverages." Change No. 2 to the MTS 10-12292-99 from 12.03.2008, p.8.5.12.


Laboratory research of the technology by VNIIPBT 

"Platinum filtration" is a method of processing vodka, the purpose of which is to improve the organoleptic properties of the drink. The essence of it is as follows: vodka, processed on a coal column, using the "Silver filtration" method or other regulated method, is passed through a filtration unit of the USF series (TU 5131-009-10471723-2004) consisting of a pump unit, a filter holder, a flow meter and a stop valve fittings, with EPSF.UPt filter cartridges based on coal impregnated with platinum, produced by  Technofilter, and sent to a collection tank.


Additional processing of vodkas in order to improve the organoleptic properties.

Features & Benefits 


Customer Benefits

Stable quality

High assessment of the organoleptic properties of the product

  • smoothes the unpleasant after-taste and smell of alcohol tones in the fragrance,
  • gives softness, harmony and nobility to taste and aroma.

High efficiency of vodka treatment using EPSF.UPt filter cartridges on the basis of coconut coal impregnated with platinum

High vodka processing speed due to the platinum strongest catalytic properties

Increased service life of filter cartridges

Preservation and improvement of organoleptic properties during long-term storage

Efficiency and ease of maintenance

Fast and easy replacement of filter cartridges

The long service life of EPSF.UPt filter cartridges ("mini-columns") at the lowest cost

The average service life of EPSF.UPt filter cartridge 250 mm high is up to 10 thousand decalitres.

Minimizing the costs of control filtration because of high hardness of coal from coconut shells and the absence of its attrition.

The technology is based on EPSF.UPt filter cartridges produced from platinum impregnated activated carbon from coconut shell. The technology is patented by  Technofilter LLC.

The EPSF.UPt filter cartridge is a coal "mini-column": coal is poured into the filter cartridge between the outer and inner shells, the liquid flows through the lower window of the outer shell, passes up through the coal and exits inside the cartridge through the upper window of the inner case.

This design takes into account the ability of coal to change the volume (swell) during operation and excludes the possibility of "channeling" even at high filtration rates.

The coals used in the "mini column" are characterized by high hardness, large surface area, and the impregnation method used to produce them ensures that there is no migration of platinum into the filtrate. Cartridges 500, 750 and 1000 mm height are produced on the basis 250 mm height module by heat-sealing method.

Recommended filtering modes

Optimal recommended speed of vodka processing is ~ 25-40 dal/h per one EPSF.UPt filter cartridge 250 mm height. The service life of the EPSF.UPt filter cartridge 250 mm high is ~ 7.5-10 thousand dal.

Completion of the system

USF type plant EPSF.UPt filter cartridges

The EPSF.UPt filter cartridges are supplied as part of the USF type plants. The number and height of filter cartridges and the type of USF plant are selected depending on the required rate of vodka processing.

“Silver filtration” plants USF are used in the distillery industry and are designed for processing water-alcohol mixtures (sortings) and vodkas. The minimum capacity of the units is 150 dal/h, the maximum - up to 3000 dal/h.

The units are compact, mounted on a single frame and consist of:

  • pump unit (GRUNDFOS Germany pump or ONC Russia explosion-proof version);
  • the block of coal filtration (the filter holder made of stainless steel 12x18Н10Т with a viewing window complete with a manometer for various quantity and height of ESPF.UPt filter cartridges);
  • piping, stop valves;
  • flow meter.

The unit can be equipped with a control panel with an automatic switch and a frequency converter, as well as a pre-filtration unit to protect the coal cartridges from mechanical impurities (scales, sand and coal dust, etc.).

The plants are designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the Customer.

USF "Silver filtration" units are certified (certificate No. РОСС RU.АЯ56.В20239) together with EPSF.UPt filter cartridges (attachment to the certificate of conformity № РОСС RU.АЯ56.В20239).

Platinum filtration systems are used by "Bashspirt", Russia, "Khabarovskiy"distillery, Russia, "Khortytsa" distillery, Ukraine, RPUP "Brestskiy distillery "Belalco", Republic of Belarus,"New Ñity Holdings", Croatia, "STUMBRAS", "Vilniaus Degtine ", Lithuania.

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