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Microfiberglass filters KFBZH and SV

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KFBZh and SV prefilters on the basis of natural and mineral fibers are used for prefiltration of liquids with high level of particle separation. These are depth filters, which significantly reduce final membrane filter loading. Glass-fiber prefilters are installed in the disk filter housing directly on the membrane filter and serve for prefiltration of highly polluted solutions.


  • KFBZH - cardboard on the basis of glass, cellulose and polypropylene microfibers
  • CV - high purity

Main applications

For prefiltration and bioburden reducing filtration of:

  • biological fluids,
  • pharmaceuticals,
  • solutions of parenteral nutrition,
  • blood serum.

Particular features and advantages

  • Biologically inert to liquids being filtered.
  • High filltration flow rate with evvective capture of microparticles (contaminant Flow rate).
  • Chemically resistant to most reagents and solutions, including concentrated acids.

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