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EPNS.P full metal pleated cartridge for application in industrial processes of filtration of aggressive liquids and gases under the conditions of high temperature and flow, for removal of particles from steam


EPNS.P full metal filter cartridges are designed for application in the industrial filtration process fields, where it is impossible or difficult to use polymer based filter cartridges because of high temperature, viscosity, aggressive components and other heavy duty operational conditions.

EPNS.P filter cartridges are cartridge type filters on the basis of stainless steel pleated material. The Filter Cartridge EPNS.P is full metal cartridge. The pleated structure of the cartridge provides extended area of the surface compared to cylindrical metal filter cartridges increasing thereby flow rates and lifetime of EPNS.P.

Multiple regenerated full metal EPNS.P are used to remove particles from steam, aggressive liquids (acids, solvents, etc., compatible with the cartridge materials), viscous media, technical liquids, aggressive gases, caustic (corrosive) liquids, solutions with high content of solid phase in the processes that take place under high temperatures and for other applications associated with high flow rate.

Universality of choice is ensured by various configurations of the Filter Cartridges: there are four standard heights available (250, 500, 250 and 1000 mm), micron rating from 5 to 500 μm, various configuration of end parts (can be adapted for filter housings with the seat 44,5 and 56 mm), various sealing materials for optimization of chemical and temperature compatibility.

Special hermetic sealing performed by argon arc welding makes it unnecessary to use various adhesive substances and soldering alloys that may be the source of contamination and the reason for limiting of temperature conditions and chemical compatibility.

It is easier to clean the filter because of absence of an outer body.  




Pleated, full metal

  • High filtration rates and lifetime with low differential pressure.
  • Mechanical strength of the element ensures multiple regenerations, wash outs and sterilizations in any direction.

High thermochemical resistance

  • Possibility to use elements for filtration of aggressive liquids under the temperatures up to 95 °C (temperature is limited by the materials of seals and filter housing allowable temperature).
  • Withstand multiple chemical regeneration in a wide pH range and in-line steam sterilization.


  • Ability to restore their operational properties ensures long element lifetime.
  • Produced in compliance with the Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2008).

Nominal Dimensions

Filter cartridges

Height (L), mm

Diameter (D), mm

Filter Area (S), m2

250 (10’’)



500 (20’’)



750 (30’’)



1000 (40’’)



Operational parameters

Maximal differential pressure for cartridges, MPa

0.6 MPa

Maximal operational temperature, °C

Limited by the operational temperature of the filter housing and used seals

Wash out

Direct and back wash with hot water, chemical reagents, CIP washing

Autoclaving and steam sterilization

In a wide range

*For detailed instructions on wash out and sterilization of cartridges and capsules please contact technical specialists of Technofilter RME Ltd.  

EPNS.P Filter Cartridges ordering information  






Micron rating

Adapter code

Cartridge height


500 = 5.0 μm

1000 = 10 μm

2000 = 20 μm

4000 = 40 μm

7000 = 70 μm

10000 = 100 μm

50000 = 500 μm

A, B, D

250 mm (10”)

500 mm (20”)

750 mm (30”)

1000 mm (40”)

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