Integrity test device TechnoCheck® mini

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TechnoCheck® mini is a portable device designed for express testing of the integrity of membrane-based filter elements and systems used in the beverage industry. It allows you to test integrity of a single membrane-based filter element as well as the entire filtration system, excluding the possibility of a batch rejection due to poor-quality of membrane-based filter elements or improper system assembly.

Features and applications
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Features and applications

Manual portable device TechnoCheck® mini is designed to control the integrity of membrane-based filter elements in cartridge design by pressure holding test. The device can be operated with AC power supply or the battery. It is possible to program 20 different test records with TechnoCheck-mini, which allows storing the most commonly used test parameters.

Features and benefits

  • Compact, portable, lightweight.
  • Accurate and fast measurements.
  • Easy programming and maintenance.
  • Clear, unambiguous reproducible result of quality compliance and suitability of the filter element or system to be used.
  • Indication of results using graphic display and indicator lamp.
  • Test results are stored in the device for their further display on the screen of the device or printing using PC.
  • Quick release coupling for compressed air line.
  • Operation with the battery.
  • Data storage (210 test results).
  • Possibility to print the results using PC.
  • Display of measurement diagram on the screen. 
  • SD card slot.

Measured parameters

  • Diffusive Test 
  • Pressure Drop Test

Technical data of TechnoCheck®-mini

Physical parameters

Housing material



0,8 kg


219х135х40 mm

Power requirements

Power supply

5 batteries

Input power

Charger - AC adapter ~ 220 V / + 15 V, 25 VA

Protection rating

IP 43

Measuring ranges

Pressure drop

from 0 to 500 mbar


from 0 to 300 ml / min

Measuring Accuracy

Pressure drop

± 8 mbar


±5 (≤ 0,1 ml)%

Operating Conditions

Max. operating pressure

4 bar (atm)

Min. operating pressure

3,5 bar (atm)

Ambient temperature


Relative humidity


Storage temperature


Number of programmes




Each device is provided with calibration and functionality certificate and also copy of national reference sample (master pressure gauge) calibration certificate. Technofilter provides services on annual calibration of the device following by the issue of an appropriate certificate.

Order information

Supply package

  • Power cable
  • Pressure reducing valve and compressed air filter
  • Operating instructions, technical documents

Optional equipment

For testing procedure, on agreement with customer, it is possible to equip the device with an optional DS filter housing (or a cell for flat disk membranes) fitted with a tube and a quick-release coupling, reference vessel and a receiver for operation with individual compressor.