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Mini-capsule filters

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For filtering small expensive lots,  air device protection, tank breathing and other laboratory and small-scale production processes, our company has developed  a minicapsule filter with a Special structure.

The minicapsule is a ready for use complete non-detachable filter of 100 mm  height  and of 48 mm diameter composed  of a polypropylene Housing  with a press fitted membrane (MKM) or fiber (MKV) pleated  mini cartridge with the ​​filtration surface up to 0.07 m 2 (700 cm²).

The structure allows to use  mini-capsules without  installation of steel equipment. The mini-capsule filter is available with a single type  of connection - nipple (joining pipe) for the 8-10 mm hose (DN-6 mm),sanitary air outlet - DN 4 mm.

Main applications

  • Filtration of small volume liquids, especially expensive lots.
  • Fine and sterilizing air filtration at vessel inlet.
  •  Air filtration for protection of devices and vacuum pumps.
  • As an alternative for filter and capsule disks, injection nozzles, etc.

Particular features and advantages

  • Efficient and compact.
  • Quick replacement and easy operation.
  • Highly secure due to improved tightness of the structure.
  • Possibility to operate at high filtration rates.
  • During manufacture of mini capsules, all filter cartridges are washed with filtered water and subjected to integrity tested.

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