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Polyamide membrane and Positive Zeta potential Polyamide membrane

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Внешний вид мембран марки ММК

Polyamide microfiltration membranes (MMK)


Polyamide microfiltration membranes (MMK) with wide micron rating range from 0.1 to 3 μm are white porous films manufactured according to our own patented technology on the basis of polyamide 6+66 by phase separation method.


• Fine and sterilizing filtration of solvents with high pH levels, protein containing solvents and blood preparations.

• Bioburden reducing filtration and sterilizing filtration of parenterals and pharmaceutical liquids, high viscosity media including ophthalmic solutions.

• Prefiltration and sterilizing filtration of aggressive media (acids, alkalis, solvents and photoresists).

• Microbiological analysis

Материал мембраны марки ММК - полиамид (Nylon-6)

Positive Zeta potential Polyamide microfiltration membrane (MMPA+)


Technofilter has developed a method for production of positive Zeta potential polyamide microfiltration membranes MMPA+ with high sorption of viruses, coliphages and pyrogenes, and preserve properties of the uncharged MMK membrane.

The MMPA+ membranes are recommended by Sysin Research Institute for Human Ecology and Environment Hygiene of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences for sanitary and virological analysis of water in laboratories of the Research Institute and Sanitary and Epidemiological Station (MUK 4.2.2029-05).


• For reducing of micoplasms and bacterial endotoxins (pyrogens), often below limit of detection, in water systems.

• Water quality monitoring for viruses.

• Water quality monitoring for parasites.

• Sanitary and microbiological analysis of water.

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