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Filtration of mineral and potable water

Technofilter produces the widest range of membrane and depth filter cartridges based on cellulose, polypropylene, nylon, polyethersulfone, PTFE, PET, activated carbon, stainless steel and other materials certified for the food industry.

The main applications of Technofilter products and technologies for filtration of mineral and drinking bottled water, soft drinks

  • Sterilizing (microbiological) filtration of "quiet" water before bottling.
  • Fine filtration of carbonated water before bottling.
  • Preliminary filtration.
  • Coarse filtration (particle filtering).
  • Sterilizing filtration of carbon dioxide.
  • Deodorization of carbon dioxide.
  • Preparation of process air.

Brief specification of Technofilter filter cartridges used in the preliminary and final stages of filtration of drinking water.


Filter material

Pore size, μm




Stainless steel mesh




The high-performance filter cartridge provides a long service life, the possibility of full regeneration and repeated reuse, operating temperature – up to 90°C in a polypropylene housing, 200°C - in a metal housing. Used for coarse preliminary filtration.


Texturized wound polypropylene fiber

5, 10, 20



Multi-layer gradient structure provides increased dirt-holding capacity and life-time, operating temperature up to 90°С. Used only for coarse preliminary filtration.   


100% chemically resistant polypropylene (pH 1-14)




Stable rigid matrix, high retention efficiency, repeatedly regenerated, operating temperature up to 90°С. Used for effective preliminary and final filtration.


Combination of fiberglass/ cellulose/ polypropylene

0.8, 1.0




Stable rigid matrix, high porosity, advanced adsorption capacity towards microparticles, hydrophilicity allows free-run filtration, maximum throughput and small differential pressure reduce financial costs. Operating temperature up to 80 ° С. Can be as a pre-filter to protect membrane cartridge or as a final filter for filtration of carbonated water. 



0.20, 0.45, 0.65



Wide chemical compatibility (pH 3-14), increased resistance to alkaline washes, long service life due to an increased surface area up to 0.85 m2/250mm, provides high stable product quality. Used only as a final filter for microbiological stabilization of "quiet" water in combination with an effective pre-filter.



0.20, 0.45, 0.65



Wide chemical compatibility (pH 1-14), long service life due to high porosity, asymmetric membrane structure and an increased  surface area up to 0.76 m2/250 mm, withstands repeated wash out and regenerations with hot water and detergent solutions, provides high stable product quality. Used only as a finishing filter in combination with an effective pre-filter.

Preparation of gaseous media (carbon dioxide, nitrogen, air, etc.)

Preparation of gaseous media is carried out in the cascade filtration mode.

  • A fine filter cartridge based on polypropylene for removal of mechanical inclusions (oil, dust, moisture separation).
  • Adsorption filter cartridge based on activated carbon to remove odors.
  • Sterilizing membrane filter cartridge from hydrophobic PTFE membrane for purification from microorganisms.

Brief specification of Technofilter membrane filter cartridges used at the final stages of gaseous media filtration


Filter material

Pore size, μm




fluoroplast-4            (PTFE-Teflon)


Hydrophobic, working temperature - up to 100 ° С

For sterilizing filtration of air and gas media, "breathing" filters for tanks


fluoroplast F42L

0.25; 0.45; 0.65; 0.8

Hydrophobic, working temperature - up to 80 ° С

For the final stages of air and gas filtration, "breathing" filters for tanks

*Detailed information on technical and operational characteristics is available upon request. 

All Technofilter filter cartridges are manufactured in accordance with the certified Quality Management System according to GOST ISO 9001: 2008.

The filter holder type  DS-B is chosen depending on the capacity and pressure in the filtration plant.

Completion of filtration plants

Filtration plants

On the customer’s request, filtration plants with manual and automatic control of UPF.R and UPF.A types are designed on the basis of multicartridge filter holders. They are designed for various flow rates (from 0.5 to  16.0 m3/h and more). Technofilter designs, produces and completes customer-oriented systems including all necessary measurement equipment and automatic control units according to customer’s request.

Filtration plants are compact, mobile, easy to operate. It is possible to install them permanently in place, i.e. locally as well as on a frame or a trolley. Systems consist of several filtration units and are fully equipped (pump unit, measuring and shut-off valves, pipelines, etc.) and ready for operation.

Absolute-quality filtration plants with automatic control


  • Stable high quality of the drink 
  • Optimum set of options, compactness 
  • Long service life of filter cartridges 
  • On-line monitoring of all filtering parameters 
  • Reliabe Accessories


  • Automatic control unit ensures matching of the filtration plant to any of the filling lines (with mechanical, solenoid or pneumatic valve).
  • Touch switchboard enables online control of all filtration parameters.
  • Automatic equipment ensures best performance conditions for the filter cartridges (smooth start and elimination of hydraulic shocks is ensured).
  • Automatic control of differential pressure at each filtration step precludes the possibility of cartridge destruction in the process of its contamination.
  • Application of automatic equipment allows using a more powerful pump which ensures cycling of the complete resource of the filter cartridges.
  • The filtration plant enables to wash filter cartridges from microfluff in closed loop.

Absolute Quality Systems make filtration process totally visible, secure and efficient for the whole business. The customer is enabled to fully control the filtration process and to be sure of the end product quality.

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