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Membrane filters module

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The flow through filter  module (MFM 0142) with tangential and radial liquid flow is designed for low Flow rate tangential micro- and ultrafiltration. MFM can be used by medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, sanitary and epidemiological companies for monitoring water for viruses or similar applications as well as during manufacture of small lots of unique products.


Particular features and advantages

  • Easy and secure operation
  • 100% sorption of viruses in  the process of concentration due to the use of the  MMPA+ Zeta-potentila membrane.
  • High flow rate above the membrane.
  • Concentration and elution combined in one device.
  • Epidemiological safety of personnel.
  • Gentle operating mode.
  • Low consumable costs.

Module structure

A special  patented structure of the device ensures circulation of liquid above the membrane through concentric channels interconnected by overflow radial channels. The flow changes its direction many times, at the same time it is divided in two flows in one channel, and then,  in the next channel, the two flows form a single flow. Such flow structure allows intensifying mass transport in the membrane boundary layer and to produce minimal cake thickness on the membrane boundary layer and to produce minimal cake thickness on the membrane surface. Liquid circulation in channels approaches to displacement mode.

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