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Biopharmaceuticals and medicine

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We produce a wide range of membranes, cartridge and capsule filter cartridges, filter housings and filtration systems for the pharmaceutical industry.

The company NPP "Technofilter" offers a wide range of membrane and other separation technologies for preliminary, clarifying and sterilizing filtration for:

  •  large volumes of parenteral drugs (LVP) and small volumes of parenteral drugs (SVP);
  •  protein blood preparations;
  • cultural  and bacterial media;
  • blood serum;
  • ophthalmic and alcohol solutions;
  • biological fluids;
  • vitamins and galenic preparations;
  •  buffer solutions;
  • water for pharmaceutical application (water for injection, washing machines, autoclaves, pyrogen-free water, filtration at points of consumption, circulating water, water for rinsing ampoules and vials).

Fields of application

  • removal of bacteria and mycoplasma;
  • removal of viruses and pyrogens from aqueous solutions, water for injection;
  • removal of lipids and colloids from biologics, protein solutions, serums;
  • decolorization of  pharmaceutical solutions;
  • clarification of carbon-containing solutions;
  • clarification and sterilization of galenic preparations, extracts, etc.;
  • removal of fine particles of activated carbon;
  • sterile filtration of process air, nitrogen and other gases for feeding into the filling zone;
  • purification of steam for autoclaving and equipment sterilization;
  • sterile ventilation of tanks and fermenters - "breathing" filters;
  • protection of water treatment systems, chromatography columns;

Sterilizing filtration

Sterilizing filter cartridges and  capsules for liquids and gases with various membrane materials:

- Polyamide (Nylon)  membrane is characterized by high productivity and wide chemical compatibility - EPM.K-/020.

- Polyamide (Nylon) with Z-potential membrane for sterilizing filtration of liquid media with control of pyrogenicity - EPM.K+-/020.

- Polyethersulfone (PES) membrane has wide chemical compatibility (pH = 1-14), high heat resistance and flow rate, low proteins and enzymes sorption. The highly asymmetric structure and the increased total porosity of the membrane ensure reliable removal of microorganisms at high flow rates - EPM.PS-/020.

- Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) hydrophobic membrane for sterilizing filtration of air, compressed gases and hydrophobic liquids - EPM.F4-020.

- Polypropylene (PP) - hydrophobic membrane for filtration of gas media and non-aqueous solutions - EPM.PP-020.

Prefiltration and clarification

Membrane prefilters:

EPM.K - prefilter from polyamide membrane

EPM.SK - prefilter from a layer of polyamide membrane and a layer of fiberglass

EPM.PS - prefilter from polyethersulfone membrane

EPM.FG  - prefilter from hydrophilized fluoroplastic (PVDF) membrane

EPM.F - prefilter from hydrophobic fluoroplastic (PTFE + PVDF) membrane

Pleated prefilters from nonwoven fabrics or mesh:

EPVg.P – prefilter from  pleated polypropylene nonwoven material of increased density

EPV.S - prefilter from  pleated microglass fiber material

EPV.SC – prefilter from  pleated material made of glass, cellulose and polypropylene microfibers

EPNS.P - all-metal prefilter from  pleated stainless steel mesh for the filtration of steam, corrosive liquids and gases

EPNS - prefilter from  pleated stainless steel mesh for preliminary filtration of high-viscosity media and highly contaminated solutions

Non-Pleated prefilters

EPV.P - prefilter from wound polypropylene fibers (depth filter)
Sorption filters

EPSF  - prefilters from sorbents for clarification of solutions.

Filter integrity test

Technocheck ®  - automatic instruments for non-destructive integrity  testing of the filters used at various stages of the biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical processes. Filter integrity and biosafety are monitored by measuring the value of diffusion, bubble point and pressure drop, and for hydrophobic materials - by a water intrusion test value. The results of these tests are correlated with the Bacteria Challenge Test.

In this section, we confine ourselves to the main technological processes, where our filtration equipment is successfully used. The choice of equipment is usually multivariate, and depends on the specific conditions of the manufacturing process.

In the section Products the main recommendations for use of each type of filters are given.

Since each process is unique, these recommendations should be taken into account as a starting point. We ask you to consult with technical experts of  NPP "Technofilter" on application for making a decision on the choice of equipment for a particular process.

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