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About Technofilter

Technofilter Research-and-Manufacturing Enterprise was founded in 1991 in the city of Vladimir  and since foundation of the enterprise, design and manufacture of pleated filter cartridges on the basis of polymeric microfiltration membranes and superfine fiber materials for a wide range of industries has been the main activity of Technofilter RME.

The company's goal is to provide high-quality filtration for a wide range of industries.


Nowadays Technofilter RME produces the widest range of filter cartridges, equipment and filtration systems for various industries and occupies strong positions in the domestic microfiltration market.

Technofilter RME offers filtration systems and technologies for pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medicine, chemistry and microelectronics, food and beverage industry. Clarification and sterilization of liquids, production of sterile air, gas filtration, fine purification of steam, microbiological stabilization, biological and polishing filtration of beverages and potable water, filtration of process fluids – these are only few out of the variety of tasks solved with our filtration equipment.

No single filter can satisfy the needs of all processes. Technofilter RME produces a wide range of filter cartridges, including depth filters for preliminary purification and sterilizing membrane filters for final purification. Filters are avaible as flat disks, capsules and standard filter cartridges.

To organize the filtration process, filter holders are made of polymeric materials and stainless steel, as well as filtration systems with manual and automatic control designed for different capacities.


The company formed a dedicated team consisting of both experienced and young responsible and active employees, which largely ensures the development and success of the company in the market.

Over the years the company has become an amalgamation of professionals, whose scientific and work experience is determined by more than 30 years of consistent activity in this field.

The team has been headed by Candidate of chemical sciences, senior researcher and corresponding member of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Russia Alexander Tarasov.

Innovations and technologies

The company constantly develops new original filtration technologies using non-standard materials for a variety of industries.

Membrane materials are being developed to sorb viruses, pyrogens, bacteria, coliphages, which find applications in biotechnology, pharmaceutics, in water treatment systems, for analysis in sanitary-epidemiological stations.

Among the innovative projects of the company in the field of the beverage industry are the technologies of "Silver filtration" and "Platinum filtration", which are successfully used at the enterprises of the distillery industry in Russia and abroad.

Progressiveness, innovativeness and the high level of technologies and products developed by Technofilter RME are confirmed with 20 patents of the Russian Federation and 3 foreign patents.


Nowadays, the staff of Technofilter numbers approximate by 100 persons, Technofilter is comprised of modern equipment designed for large-scale production of polymeric membranes, filter cartridges and stainless steel housings equipment.

Production structure of the enterprise is as follows:

  • Department for Development and Production of Microfiltration Membranes;
  • Workshop for Production of Filter Cartridges;
  • Design Department;
  • Mechanical and Electrical Services (Engineering Department);
  • Technical Department;
  • Quality Control Department;
  • Quality Management Department.

The company’s management is constantly investing into technological development of production to broaden the range of products and to achieve stable enhancement of product quality.

Technofilter company conducts active exhibition activity. Permanent participation in specialized Russian and foreign exhibitions is confirmed by numerous diplomas, medals and awards.

Service and technical support

Specialists of our company have the great experience in the filtration field, which is why we can offer to our customers innovative, effective and cost saving solutions for tasks associated with liquids and gases microfiltration. will help you with scientific aspects of filtration and with compatible installation of filters optimal combination and necessary equipment according to the application nature.

Technofilter provides a wide range of before-sale and after-sale services. We provide qualified support at all stages of collaboration: filtration process evaluation, recommendation and carring out of filtration tests, supplying, training, consulting and maintenance after installation of equipment. 

The company logistic is structured in a manner to provide the Customer with the Goods and accompanying documentation in the shortest terms. 

Our partners

Technofilter strictly fulfills its obligations to its partners, as we value our reputation. Our Customers - hundreds of enterprises in biopharmaceutical, medical, food, chemical, electronic, defense and other industries, and this range expands constantly. Among them - there are known as the largest company in its industry and small manufacturing firms. With many of them we work for over twenty years.

Our company cooperates with a number of engineering companies that use Technofilter filter cartridges as a part of their facilities and filtration systems. Technofilter filter cartridges are used in the life support system of the International Space Station (ISS), on board of MIG-29; they are incorporated into portable filters and field stations intended for provision of drinking water for the Ministry of Defense, Ministry for Emergency Situations and Ministry of Internal Affairs. 

Technofilter RME constantly cooperates with academic institutes, scientific centers and branch organizations engaged in research in the field of membranes and membrane technologies.


Products of Technofilter are delivered to Russia and  exported to another 40 countries.

Official Representative Offices

Technofilter has representative offices and affiliates in Ukraine, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Poland, India and Asian countries. 

Today "Technofilter" stands among the most well-known companies in Russia in the field of microfiltration, enjoys authority in scientific and technical circles and has a reputation of a reliable business partner.

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