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«Rose Petals» - Natural Aroma Modifier for modification of taste and odor for alcoholic beverages and soft drinks

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Natural aromatizers manufactured by NPP “Technofilter” are used in the food industry for softening and adding of high-grade liquor flavor to vodka and for ennobling the organoleptic properties of liquor and wine products, brandy, whiskey, rum, alcohol and soft drinks. Aromatizers allow increasing the class of vodka.

Natural aromatizers are prepared on the basis of microfiltrated essential rose oil, rye and wheat distillate by using baromembrane processes. The resulting product is almost free from paraffins, terpenes and some other trace contaminant.

The profile of the taste and aroma of alcohol and soft drinks produced with the addition of "Rose Petals" and "AT-60" flavors is softened and harmonized, alcohol tones and other undesirable flavors and odors disappear. When using sweeteners for beveradges, the specific taste of the sweetener is eliminated or softened, the bouquet and taste are rounded.

During the shelf life the taste and odor are harmonized and stable.

Technical and organoleptic characteristics of aromatizers

Name of aromatizator

Dosage (for vodka)

Organoleptic characteristics of flavour and their assignment

Rose Petals

10 ml per 1000 dal

Suitable for softening and development of a full liquor flavor vodka, to ennoble the organoleptic properties. Nice pure vodka aroma and a unique mild taste.


4-5 ml per 1000 dal

Elite flavour, best known for vodka brands. Aroma of grain vodka with floral and fruit flavors. To get very mild rye flavored vodka.

Application and dosage

Dosages of aromatizers for alcoholic beverages:
“Rose Petals” :    ≈ 0,00010 % mass of vodka weight
“AT-60” :  ≈ 0,00004-0,00005 % mass of vodka weight

The dosage of aromatizers is realized accordantly with the normative and technical documentation or is determined experimentally. Aromatizers are completely dissolved in water and alcohol without a deposit.

Recommendations for using (testing)

1 ml of natural flavour “Rose Petals” or 0.4-0.5 ml of “AT-60” is dissolved in 1000 ml of rectified ethyl alcohol to obtain a clear solution. Then 1,0 ml of the resulting solutuon is added to 1 liter of vodka.

Procedure of aromatizers adding into blend of vodka

In the production conditions, the addition of flavor is carried out in the following sequence:

1. The calculated amount of flavor for the corresponding volume of the blend (water-alcohol mixture) is first dissolved, mixing in 1 liter of alcohol.

2. The obtained alcohol solution of flavoring in an amount of 1 liter is dissolved in 100 liters of a preliminary blend (water-alcohol mixture), gradually pouring and mixing.

3. The 100 l of blend (water-alcohol mixture) obtained with the above method is poured into the overall hatch with the beverage (water-alcohol mixture) through the upper hatchway.

Adding flavor to the blend (water-alcohol mixture) must be done after the treatment of the blend (water-alcohol mixture) using the filter elements with silver-containing activated carbon.

Stirring is carried out in accordance with the technology used in the enterprise.

Flavor can be introduced into the blend (water-alcohol mixture) separately or together with other ingredients.

Complete assimilation occurs 2 hours after the application of the flavor.

Storage conditions

The flavor is stored in a sealed package (in bottles made of brown glass or in PET bottles) in a dark place at a temperature not exceeding 40 ° C. (During storage opalescence and precipitation are allowed). 

Legislative authorization

Natural flavour of series "Rose Petals" are produced according to TU 9145-008-10471723-2005. Declaration of conformity ЕАЭС N RU Д-RU.ВЯ 01.В.20780 from 07.03.2018

Natural aromatizer "AT-60" is produced according to TU 9145-031-10471723-2010.

Declaration of conformity ЕАЭС N RU Д-RU.ВЯ 01.В.20782 from 23.03.2018


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