Food additive – natural flavouring "AT-60"

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Elite flavouring, the best among known famous vodka brands. Used to achieve smooth vodka with rye odor.

Features and applications
Features and applications

Application method and dosage

The dosing of flavouring in working environment is carried out according to normative and technical documentation on certain type of product or is estimated experimentally. Flavorings are fully soluble in water and alcohol.

Dosage of natural flavouring for vodkas and alcoholic beverages ≈ 0,00004%-0,00005% to weight of final product.

Recommendations on application (approbation)

Estimated amount of flavouring (0,4-0,5 ml “AT-60” modifier) is dissolved in 1000 ml (1 L) of ethyl rectified alcohol until getting clear solution, then 1 ml of final suspension is diluted in 1 L of vodka or 0,5 ml per 0,5 L bottle. 

Order of adding flavouring into vodka blend 

The necessary quantity of flavouring is preliminary dissolved in 1 L of ethyl rectified alcohol, after that the mixture is dissolved in 100 L of blended beverage. It is recommended to add the final solution in the blend tank through the upper hatch before filtration on filter cartridges with silver impregnated coal. Mixing is carried out according to stating technology of the enterprise. 

Flavouring can be added to blend alone or together with other ingredients. The full assimilation takes place in 2 hours after adding modifier. Nowadays “AT-60” modifier is included into the technological formulation in many enterprises in Russia and abroad. 


Dosage (for vodka): 4-5 ml на 1000 dal.


Legislative documents

  • TU 9145-031-10471723-2010.
  • EAC- Declaration of compliance to the Customs Union requirements ЕАЭС N RU Д-RU.РА01.В.80175/23.