Technofilter is “High-Tech Exporter of the Year”


“NPP Technofilter”, famous for its filter cartridges and filtration systems, took gold in the prestigious category “High-Tech Exporter of the Year” as part of the Exporter of the Year 2019 Award. The products of “NPP Technofilter” are shipped to over 40 countries.

In total, more than 50 applications from all districts of Vladimir region were submitted for the Exporter of the Year Award established by the Vladimir Region Government. Exporters claimed victory in such categories as “Exporter of the Year in Manufacturing Industry”, “High-Tech Exporter of the Year”, “Exporter of the Year in Agriculture”, “Exporter of the Year in Services” and “Breakthrough of the Year”. More than 70% of participants are SMEs.

In the Vladimir region, winners and prize-winners in the following categories of the competition “Exporter of the Year-2019” were selected:

- Exporter of the Year in Manufacturing Industry”,

1st - "New Resource" LLC (Kovrov),

2nd– “Vladimir Plant of Precision Alloys” JSC (Vladimir),

3rd – “MNPP Initsiativa” LLC (Alexandrov).

- “Exporter of the Year in Agriculture”:

1st – “Garnets” LLC (Vladimir),

2nd – “Diet Prom” LLC (Vladimir),

3rd – “Melagro” LLC (Melenkovsky district).

- “Exporter of the Year in Services”:

1st - “DML-Logistic” LLC (Kovrov),

2nd - Jewelry Factory “Golden Domes” LLC (Pokrov).

- “High-Tech Exporter of the Year”:

1stNPP Technofilter” LLC (Vladimir),

2nd– “NPO Polytsell” JSC (Vladimir),

3rd– “BMT” LTD (Vladimir).

- “Breakthrough of the Year”:

1st – “Decorstyleglass” LLC (Gus-Khrustalny),

2nd - “Bergus” LLC (Suzdal district) and

“Production Association Gefesd” LLC (Sudogodsky district),

 3rd – “Optical Design” LLC (Vladimir) and

“Eva Glass” Glass Factory LLC (Vladimir).

The winners of the competition will be awarded with honorary diplomas of the administration of the Vladimir region, the souvenir stela “Exporter of the year 2019 in the Vladimir region” and a monetary prize.