XXXII International Forum "BEER-2023," Sochi.

XXXII International Forum "BEER-2023," Sochi.
  The Grand Hotel "Zhemchuzhina" st. Chernomorskaya, 3, Sochi, Russia." hosted the annual International Forum "BEER" in Sochi from May 23 to 26. Traditionally, this site brings together the main players in the brewing industry, related equipment and raw materials for the production of beer.

  Technofilter also took part in the forum. Technologies and equipment for filtration were presented at our stand, namely:
• filtering elements and equipment for filtration of beer, kvass, water (gangway filtration, fine filtration, clarification, suppressing filtration);
• filtering elements and holders for filtration of process media - carbon dioxide, air, steam, sugar syrup, etc.;
• Careful filtration and final filtration of beer and kvass;
• water treatment (deaerated water, detergent solutions);
• respiratory filters.
Thank you for the productive negotiations and cooperation prospects!
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