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Filter elements

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Technofilter RME Ltd produces a wide range of filter cartridges of various types, including depth filters for preliminary purification and sterilizing membrane filters for final purification. Filters are avaible as standard filter cartridges, mini-cartridges and capsules.

Filter cartridges

Technofilter’s standard filter cartridge is a cylinder with the diameter of 70 mm and the height of 250 mm, the cylinder has an inner perforated polypropylene body wrapped around with layers of various filtrating materials. An outer perforated body ensures mechanical strength of the cartridge during filtration, wash out and sterilization.

Filter cartridges with the height of 500 mm, 750 mm and 1000 mm are produced on the basis of standard elements. Tightness of connections is provided only with heat sealing without any glues which precludes any extraction of the components. To increase filtration surface area, we use the pleating technology, whereby filter material layers are overlapped with each other and placed as pleats around the inner perforated body.

Technofilter RME Ltd was the first Russian company that developed and applied the pleating technology in production of filter cartridges. Our pleating technology provides an increase in the filtration surface area of a cartridge up to 1 m2  (for an element with the height of 250 mm) giving maximum access of liquid (or gas) to the overall surface of a cartridge and ensuring high lifetime and contamination capacity of a product. In addition to filter cartridges, we produce rolled and filled filter cartridges.

Classification of filter cartridges by particle retention mechanism:

  • membrane (surface particle retention predominates)
  • pleated depth (combination of surface and depth particle retention mechanisms)
  • fiber depth (particle retention occurs in the bulk of filter material)


Mini-cartridge is a smaller version of a standard Filter Cartridge, it has the diameter of 70 mm and the height of 100 mm, 125 mm or 150 mm. As well as standard Filter Cartridges, Mini-Cartridges are produced on the basis of various filter materials. Mini-Cartridges are used in the same fields as standard filter cartridges for filtration of smaller volumes.

Filter Capsules

Filter Capsule is ready-to-use complex one-piece filter unit that in fact is Mini-Cartridge soldered into a polypropylene housing. The structure allows use capsules without installation of the steel filter holder.

Capsules are designed for fast, effective and cost saving filtration of small volumes of liquids and gases. Capsule filters allows performing small-scale pilot tests at early stages of development of a filtration system to make a choice of optimal combination of filters, especially for treatment of hard-to-filter solutions without investing costs into stainless steel equipment.

A filter capsule has a high strength leak tight polypropylene body and is equipped with various filter materials with a wide range of pore sizes.

A standard Capsule Filter consists of outer polypropylene body and inner filter cartridge (60 mm, 125 mm or 250 mm with the filtration surface area of 0.2 - 0.9 m2).

Mini Capsules

Technofilter RME Ltd has developed a special design of a mini-filter to filter small batches of expensive products and other applications.

Mini-Capsule is a one-piece filter with the height of 100 mm, the diameter of 48 mm and the filtration surface area up to 0.07 m2  (700 cm2). It consists of a polypropylene outer body and inner membrane or pleated fiber filter cartridge.

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