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Filter cell (secondary virus concentration cell)

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The filter  cell is designed for micro- and ultrafiltration in dead end mode and can be used in biotechnology, medicine, pharmaceutical industry as well as for secondary virus concentration during sanitary and virological analysis of water.

Depending on the target, it is possible to obtain filtrate or concentrate of the initial solution as end products.

Particular features of the structure

The cell consists of the following basic elements:

  • case;
  • cover;
  • base;
  • clamp frame.

A flat base makes it possible to use magnetic stir bars, wich allows to significantly intensify filtration process due to continuous decontamination of the membrane surface.

Technical Specifications

Filtration surface area

13,8 cm2

Membrane disk diameter

47 mm

Cell volume

260 cm3

Operating pressure

0,05-0,6 MPA

Case material


Weight 1,3 kg

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