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Filtration capsules

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Capsule is ready-to-use complex one-piece filter unit, that is in fact Standard cartridge or Mini-Cartridge soldered into a polypropylene housing (body). The design allows using capsules without installing them in a steel filter holder. Capsule has a high strength leaktight polypropylene body and it is equipped with various filtration materials (membrane, fiber, mesh, etc) of a wide range of micron ratings (pore sizes). Most filter cartridges produced by Technofilter RME Ltd can be released in Capsule design.

The standard Capsule construction is available for filter cartridges 60 mm, 125 mm and 250 mm height with the filtration surface area of ​​0.2 to 1 m2 (in case of pleated filter cartridges).

Main applications

Capsules are designed for fast, effective and cost saving filtration of small volumes of liquids and gases. They are particularly effective for critical applications when the filtration of individual batches is required (single use). The possibility of washing and subsequent autoclaving allows the Capsule to be reused until the entire lifetime of the filtration surface is emptied.

Capsule filters allow performing small-scale pilot tests at early stages of development of a filtration system to make a choice of optimal combination of filters, especially for treatment of hard-to-filter solutions without investing costs into stainless steel equipment.

Features and benefits of capsule filters

Properties of Capsules

Benefits for customer

Ready-to-use  safe complex systems

  •  Simple and reliable operation, easy to assemble and use

Wide range of materials (membrane and depth) and filtration areas (from Mini to Maxi Capsules)

  • Allow to optimize the filtration process from the point of economy, filtration rate, micron ratio and the combination of materials.
  • Broad chemical compatibility.
  • The possibility of filtration of different volumes at high flow rates.
  • One capsule can contain various filtration layers (combinations by micron ratings and materials) providing high performance factional separation.

Complete, cost effective and efficient

  • There is no need to invest into stainless steel equipment (filter housing).
  • Allow not to perform continuous flushing and other manipulations that are necessary when using stationary filter holders.  

Strengthened body with reliable and convenient connections

  • Capsules are optimized for high flow filtration at low differential pressure.   
  • Withstands multiple autoclaving and chemical sterilization. 

Washed, autoclaved and integrity tested before dispatch

  • Ready-to-use filtration systems. Safe in operation.
  • Indispensable for critical filtration in biopharmacy and medicine.

Contain no metal parts or gaskets

  • Chemical resistance depends only on Capsule material.
  • Best choice for solutions containing ferments sensitive to metals.

Produced under clean room conditions in compliance with GMP

  • Non-toxic, safe.
  • 100% integrity control.
  • Can be supplied sterile (game sterilization, ethylene oxide treatment).
  • Reliable and effective.

Unique marking

All Capsules produced by Technofilter RME Ltd have clear marking, representing the following information: 

  • Filter type
  • Pore size (micron rating)
  • Capsule number
  • QR-code, duplicating this information

Marking enables identifying each Capsule accurately and correctly. It makes it possible to trace each item throughout the whole production process, thus enhancing general production safety.

While reading information by means of barcode scanner it is possible to automatize data input on-site in process data base. Moreover, while working with integrity testers, for example Technocheck-3, it is possible to transform information about Capsule in respective information fields of the device memory automatically.     

Mini Capsules

Technofilter RME Ltd has developed special structure Mini-Capsule filter for filtration of small lots of expensive products and other applications. A Mini-Capsule is a one-piece filter 100 mm height and 48 mm in diameter. It consists of a polypropylene outer body and inner membrane or pleated fiber filter cartridge. The filtration surface area is up to 0.07 m2 (700 cm2).

Mini-capsules MKM.F4, MKM.PP based on hydrophobic PTFE and PP membranes are used for sterilizing air filtration, sterile ventilation of small containers, bioreactors, vessels, for the protection of vacuum pumps, instruments, etc.

Mini-capsules on the basis of hydrophilic membranes (MKM.K, MKM.PS) are recommended to use for filtration of small batches of solutions (up to 20 L), where it is necessary to minimize the loss of an expensive product. Detailed information is presented here.

Materials of construction of standard Capsules

Capsule filters based on microfiltration membranes


Membrane material

Pore size, μm




polyamide (Nylon6 + 66)

0.2, 0.45

for sterilizing filtration of liquids


polyamide (Nylon6 + 66)

0.1 - 3

filtration of liquids


polyamide (Nylon6 + 66) with Z-potential

0.2, 0.45

filtration of liquids


polyamide (Nylon6 + 66) with fiberglass pre-filter

0.65 - 3

filtration of liquids


polyethersulfone (PES)


for sterilizing filtration of liquids


polyethersulfone (PES)

0.2; 0.45; 0.65

filtration of liquids

KFM.F fluoroplast-42                     (PTFE + PVDF) 0.45; 0.65; 0.8 filtration of air and gases


hydrophilic fluoroplastic (PVDF)

0.2; 0.45; 0.65; 0.8

filtration of liquids




filtration of air and gases


polypropylene (PP)


filtration of air and gases

KFM type Capsules are used for preliminary, fine, polishing and sterilizing filtration of liquid and gaseous media in medicine, microbiological industry, pharmacy, microelectronics, food industry etc. from mechanical impurities and microorganisms with the size above or equal 0.1 mic.  

Connection types

KFM 60 mm high is produced with two connection types:

  • Thread cone-shaped 1/2"
  • Sanitary tri-clamp (quick-release clamp - 1 ½")

Capsules are produced with sanitary slots for venting (drain valve 1/4").

KFM Capsules with filter cartridge 125 mm, 250 mm, 500 mm, 750 mm и 1000 mm are produced with clamp connection type only.

All membrane filter cartridges are subjected to wash out from organic and mechanical impurities with high-purity water and to 100% integrity control before sealing them in a capsule body.  

Capsules produced by Technofilter are added to the Register of Medical Devices of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation.  

Materials of construction of depth Capsules 


Filter material

Micron rating, μm

Material of inner and outer bodies, end parts







A combination of microfine glass, cellulose and polypropylene fibers




Increased density polypropylene microfiber fabric





Stainless steel mesh



Design and connection types of Capsules


Geometric characteristics of Capsules

Capsule type

ØА, mm 

ØВ, mm 

H, mm


54,0 ± 0,2


102,5 ± 1

Capsule 60 with tread

92,0 ± 0,2

Thread K 1/2" 

125,0 ± 1

Capsule 60 with clamp

93,5 ± 0,2


150,0 ± 1

Capsule 125 with clamp

93,5 ± 0,2


210,0 ± 1

New design of Capsules 250, 500, 750, 1000 mm height (photo


Geometric characteristics of Capsules with new design

Capsule type

ØА, mm

ØВ, mm

H, mm

L2, mm

Capsule 250 with clamp



336,0 ± 1


Capsule 500 with clamp



581,0 ± 1


Capsule 750 with clamp



826,0 ± 2


Capsule 1000 with clamp



1071,0 ± 2


Capsules ordering information






Micron rating

Adapter code

Capsule height





KFM – Capsule membrane filter

KFV – Capsule fiber filter

010 = 0.1 μm

020 = 0.2 μm

045 = 0.45 μm

065 = 0.65 μm

080 = 0.80 μm

100 = 1.0 μm

300 = 3.0 μm

500 = 5.0 μm

1000 = 10.0 μm

2000 = 20.0 μm

5000 = 50.0 μm

K – sanitary clamp

P – thread cone-shaped

60 mm

125 mm

250 mm

500 mm

750 mm

1000 mm

* Material code

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