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TECHNOFILTER at XXVIII International Forum “Beer-2019”

Home - News - Technofilter at Forum “Beer-2019”, 21-24 of May, 2019, Sochi

We are grateful to you for your interest in our products and visiting our Booth No. 44 at XXVIII International Forum “Beer-2019”, held from May 21st to 24th in  Grand Hotel Zhemchuzhina, Sochi, Russia.

At our booth we presented:

     - filter cartridges for filtration of beer, kvass, water (trap filtration, fine filtration, sterilizing  filtering, etc.);

     - filter cartridges for filtration of process media (carbon dioxide, air, steam, sugar syrup, etc.);

     - the system of "Careful filtration" and final filtration of beer and kvass, body equipment;

     - compact systems for beverages filtration at home and for "garage" production;

     - carrying out test filtration on a test filtration system.

 We hope that you have received all the necessary information and look forward to further mutually beneficial cooperation.

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